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Top 10 Wedding Sites You Must Know! – WeddingPodcastNetwork.com

WeddingPodcastNetwork.com top 10 wedding sites

Tired of reading from your computer screen?

In need of more time so that you can do more things in a day?

Why not turn to wedding sites that offer you to listen to them speak and you can multi-task other things at the same time?
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Top 10 Wedding Sites You Must Know! – OneWed.com

Following from the previous feature post on Brides.com, now we shall take a look at another very popular wedding site – OneWed.com

onewed.com top 9 wedding sites

Onewed caters to brides and grooms from the US. So if you are a bride having your wedding in the States, Onewed is the right wedding site for you.

It’s search feature allows you to search for various wedding vendors and services in at least Continue Reading »

Top 10 Wedding Sites You Must Know! – Brides.com

Apart from wedding blogs like bridalwave.tv which I featured in the previous post, there are many useful and fantastically info-filled wedding sites such as Brides.com.

Brides.com has been one of the most established wedding sites available online with a page rank of 8 upon 10, meaning that it is a humongous wedding site with insane amount of wedding info available for brides and grooms.

brides.com top 10 wedding sites

I believe that household names of bridal magazines like “Brides”, “Elegant Bride” and “Modern Brides” are not uncommon to the ears of ladies, especially for those who have been visiting local magazine stores to look for bridal magazines.

In fact, I bought about 3 issues of Brides and Modern Brides while I was planning my wedding last year. Erh, surprised Continue Reading »

Top 10 Wedding Sites You Must Know! – Bridalwave.tv

Beside WeddingBee.com, the other popular wedding blog that I like is Bridalwave.tv

bridalwave.tv top 10 wedding sites

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Top 10 Wedding Sites You Must Know! – WeddingBee.com

After blogging for a year and a half on wedding, I have also come across tremendous wedding blogs and sites that are still my love.

One of them is WeddingBee.com, the very first wedding blog that I fell in love with.

weddingbee.com top 10 wedding sites

Over this one year, WeddingBee.com has transformed itself to Continue Reading »