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Who Is Doing What! The 4 Roles You MUst Know!

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This would include:

– Parents, step parents, and grandparents.
– Siblings.
– Godparents or mentors within the family or friend structure.
– Close friends.
– The wedding party.

When everyone can come together, they can make decisions as a whole or at least find out what role they will play in this very important day for you and for them. Now, who’s doing what?

1. Mother of the bride

The number one goal is to make sure that the bride’s wishes are carried out the way that she wants them to be. The mother of the bride is there to help her to make sure that what she wants and what she needs happens.

It is very important that the mother of the bride allows for the bride’s tastes, desires and needs to be provided for. This does not mean that they can dictate what happens, but rather should insure that what does is what the bride wants.

2. Mother of the groom

The mother of the groom has a fine line when it comes to the planning and executing of the wedding. There are some very important things that she should do, but her role is largely dictated by the role that her son and her soon to be daughter in law encourage her to play.


3. The maid of honor

As maid of honor, you have a special role and place in the wedding. You will insure that the bridesmaids are doing what they should and you set the tone for them. You also should insure that the wedding fits the bride’s plans.

4. Best man

The best man plays a large role in the wedding as well. Here are some of his responsibilities.

– Provide for the marriage license. He needs to make sure the groom has it!
– Provide the minister’s fee to the minister. The groom should give it to him.
– Travel arrangements. The best man should provide for travel arrangements to each destination. He should also provide all the necessary help for planning a honeymoon too.

These are the main players in the wedding. It is necessary to insure that anyone that wants to be included do so as long as the bride and groom agree to it. Following these wedding etiquette steps will help to keep things organized and keep people from having feelings hurt.

Good Luck!

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