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Archive for November, 2007

35 Awesome Wedding Hair Style Picture – Part 1

Here are some awesome wedding hair style pictures that you can consider for your own wedding hair style.

I shall break this into 5 part series and here are your first 7:

Celebrity wedding hair style picture:

1. Jennifer Lopez and Chris Judd Wedding

Celebrity wedding hair style picture
from allstarz.hollywood.com

2. Lisa Marie Presley & Nicolas Cage Wedding

Celebrity wedding hair style picture
from elvispresleynews.com
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3 Ways to Have a Stress Free Wedding!

You are at your half way mark planning your wedding and you feeling stressed out.

All along, you thought that planning your own wedding is fun and relaxing. Everything should be happy as it is a happy occassion after all. And you neevr expected your wedding to be a stress filled wedding!

While planning your wedding venue, you met up with an uncooperative staff who was not very responsive.

While trying to get your photographer, the price of hiring a good one overshoot your budget and you are confused if you should get one at all.

While planning your wedding, your fiance is too busy to help you out in anything at all and you are collasping.

These are real scenarios and yours may be worse. Your so-called responsible wedding helpers may leave you halfway because of disagreement in simple things like the color of bridesmaids’ dresses or they have to work that day.

You thought you are in safe hands but sorry you are not.

Oh know, you feel yourself exploding from inside out and you are just another thought closer to cancelling your own wedding.

So, how do you remove all these wedding stresses and have a stress free wedding?
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Brides’ Acne Scarring

scared face

Scared face ? What happened?
For the soon-to-be brides…
A couple of acne popped up a month before the wedding day?
What if there are acne scarrings?
Would you like to lighten your acne scars on your wedding day?

Some of the common causes of acne are due to stress… especially over the wedding preparations, your late night sleep… over all the excitement for your wedding day and… your diet because of the food tasting…What exactly happened?

During the formation of an acne cyst (the huge red ones are also known as the inflamed comedone), the neck of the sebaceous gland expands and it being filled up by cells and bacteria which are unable to pass through the skin?s surface. Eventually when the cyst ruptures, these bacteria will be deposited into the pore, reaching the dermis layers where they will be attacked by white blood cells responsible for fighting infection. This inflammation results in the loss of tissue as the collagen which forms the support structure of the skin is destroyed. And this is when scarring occur, resulting in pockmark face (like those scars left behind from chicken pox).

Solutions to scars?
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Overseas Wedding Photos

Dreaming of taking your wedding photos overseas? That has been my dream since a long time ago, especially with at places that I will never be able to find in Singapore. I longed to take pictures at a lavender farm after seeing some beautiful photos in the newspaper. When I saw a wedding travelogue on TV, I was even more captivated by the great scenery. By a stroke of luck, I chanced upon the same bridal studio that sponsored the trip and immediately got my husband to see the photos for himself.

It was a tough decision and we told the coordinator at the road show we would think about getting the overseas bridal shoot as we already had our own wedding package prior to this. The additional money to be spent on the trip would come in handy for our wedding preparations, such as getting a better venue, or securing more tables for our friends during the wedding dinner.

Nevertheless, we told ourselves that we could go on the trip like a normal year-end holiday that we usually had, and at the same time, we get to have professionals take our wedding photos overseas. We would be made to feel like stars while having our holiday.

In addition, we would not have to worry about being dependent on one studio to ensure our wedding photos are well taken. That was because we had bought our wedding package from the bridal studio without doing any preparatory work as we were lured by the very persuasive staff. I nearly broke down after checking up on the bridal studio on a wedding forum, and saw very negative reviews.

Therefore, my husband finally agreed to pay for the overseas wedding photo shoot in Perth, Australia, and we signed up for the package. I?ve chosen my wedding gowns, and we would be setting off next week. Find out more on how the photo shoot goes, and what to look out for when choosing wedding photography packages if you wish to take your wedding photos overseas.

Guestblogged by Sarah Tan

5 Steps on “How to Plan Your Own Wedding?”

Planning your own wedding in the near future and still clueless of what to do?

You have tried asking around from married couples and got confused by the many things they have shared with you.

And you are not using a wedding planner. Then you probably need to know how to plan your own wedding.

Here are 5 thing to consider when planning your own wedding.


One of the first tasks that you should remember to do when you are planning a wedding is what time of year you want to get married. Knowing this could dictate many other decisions that you need to make. For example, if you are planning to tie the knots in the summer you can probably plan for an outdoor wedding. Of course, if you are wanting to get married in the fall or winter, an outdoor wedding would not be possible.

You may also want to consider the pros and cons. If you are planning in a holiday season, your guests will most probably be away for their holidays. To avoid this, give them at least half a year advance notice.


As stated before, once you feel like you have a wedding date in mind, you can start to narrow down where you would like to hold your wedding. Today, many people are moving away from tradition times where people got married in the church. There a few choices. Some may choose to be married in other places or even overseas. They are called destination weddings.

Also, many people are choosing to get married in the same venue where they are holding the reception. This is great for out of town relatives who may get lost in transit on the way to the reception. Plus, having the functions in the same place save you alot of logistic and commuting problems.

How many guests will you be expecting? Or how many guests can you afford to invite? This determines the size of venue you need. If you are inviting just family members and a small group of close friends and relatives, you may need a smaller wedding venue compared to one which has to accomodate a few hundred guests.

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