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Archive for December, 2009

Wedding Dresses And Superstitions

catholic girl
from edwardolive

The wedding dress has been a focal point of almost any wedding for almost four hundred years. Besides being a design that would make the bride look pure and angelic, the wedding dress was often more than just a beautiful decoration when you consider the superstitions that surround it.

Initially, the bridal gown was a symbol of the bride’s purity and suitability as a wife and bearer of the groom’s children. The union of two people was often considered a union of two families for economic reasons or to build political strength. With those underlying motivations and the superstitions around almost every aspect of the bride’s wedding gown, most weddings conducted in some early ceremonies from a few centuries back were strictly crafted to accomplish much more than joining two people in love.

Queen Victoria is largely responsible for the popularity of the white wedding gown. When she married Prince Albert in 1840, she wore the first white wedding dress and started a tradition that endures today. A few years later, Empress Eugenie married Napoleon III and created worldwide style with her high fashion and love of regal finery. The elegant and high-style wedding gowns worn today can be traced back to Empress Eugenie.
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7 Questions To Ask Before Your Wedding

question wedding
from diyosa

It is easy to get carried away with your wedding plans and be totally consumed with the details for months before the big day. Regardless of how long you and your intended have known each other, or lived together, there are questions that need to be discussed between you if you want a good marriage.

For all its glamour and excitement, your wedding lasts one day in the rest of your life. Discussing the following questions could have a real impact on whether or not the two of you marry at all.

There are seven major points of contention that can make or break a marriage over time: sex, career demands, living location, money/finances, household chores, individual pet peeves and whether or not both of you want children.

#1…Are your sexual preferences compatible? You need to know whether or not either one of you has a sexually transmitted disease. Get tested together and be positive. Do you like sex at the same time during the day and on the same or similar frequency? Are you both willing to experiment?
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