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Archive for June, 2011

Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

There are many decisions you need to make for your upcoming wedding, aren’t there? Let’s take a look at one of them, “what should go on top of my wedding cake?” in more detail so you can consider all your options before you make a decision.

* Do you want a cake topper that you can keep forever and ever? Or would you rather have it be something less permanent?

* What shape will your wedding cake be in? Is it a traditional 3 tiers or something different? You can have it custom made any way you want, including the cake topper.

* Does your wedding have a theme? If so, you’ll want your wedding cake topper to be an extension of that theme.

* Are you a traditionalist? Or do the two of you like to be different?

* Do you want a topper that’s eco-friendly and can be eaten or composted (like flowers)? Or a plastic molded token that can be saved as a fun memento of your special day? Or would you rather have a crystal topper that would look great afterwards in your china hutch?

Hopefully your head is not spinning with these questions as they are meant to help you narrow your focus on what you truly want.

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The History of the Wedding Ring

If there is one wedding symbol that we can all recognize, it is the wedding ring. The wedding ring has, for as long as we have known it, been the longstanding symbol of love between a man and a woman. It stands for undying love and eternal affection. This isn’t just an idea to incorporate a form of jewelry into the wedding ceremony; wedding rings have a long and rich history behind them, coming from different areas and early cultures of the world.

One of the early cultures to go into the practice and tradition of wearing rings were the early Egyptians. Their wedding rings were made out of the reeds from the river Nile. They plaited and twisted the reeds into rings and bracelets from the river they held in high esteem. This is what they believed to be the bringer of all their fortune and life and they symbolized their love using what the river had given them.
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