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Weird Weddings and Traditions

from 7500645

With many future brides designing elegant, fancy weddings with all the trappings that thousands of wedding shops are willing to sell to them, there is a growing undercurrent of weirdness that is putting a new face on getting married.

Some ceremonies are merely strange, like these:

In Georgia, a young couple got married in a Waffle House parking lot after the groom finished his shift at the establishment. The bride’s father walked his daughter, in a wedding gown, across the asphalt. They said their vows under a tree next to the parking lot and went inside the Waffle House to cut the wedding waffle.
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My Cousin’s Wedding Part 2 – That Wedding Morning

Hope you have enjoyed the first post on the wedding games. The reason why I wanted to post it as the first post because of its entertainment value.

One of my blogger’s friend told me it was yukkie and super grossed to be eating the creepy crawlers as “breakfast”. She also shared that she was a bridesmaid in her friend’s wedding and the whole wedding game scene turned really ugly when the groomsmen were playing too rough and the bridesmaids were somehow offended. But this will be for Continue Reading »

Email Enquiry: Wedding Ang Pows & Guo Da Li

One of my readers has this enquiry:

“Hi, I’m actually a future mother-in-law who is absolutely blur about Chinese Customs. My daughter will be getting married next year and we’ll be given tables by her future Father-in-law (he’s paying).

Do we keep all the wedding dinner’s Ang Pows that our guests give us? (It is my intention to let my daughter and Son-in-law have them in the end.) Thanks for your advise.

Also, what is Guo Da Li for?”
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Wedding Taboos Part 8: Spare Not the Widows

As Featured On Ezine Articles

one mother and one child

It is never fair for women especially if thier husbands passed away at the prime of their lives.

Who is to be blamed?

Not the husband of course. The women will be blamed for be ill-fated and bring bad luck to their husbands.

Brides are advised not to get too near to widows for fear they may encounter the same fate as these widows.

Remeber I mentioned that widows are banned from going into the newly-wed room so as not to pass on the negative “Qi” or energy to the newly-wed.
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Wedding Taboos Part 7: No One Night Stand

As Featured On Ezine Articles

One night stand has been really common among our society. Even teenagers as young as nine years old do know what it really means and you may be surprised that some teenagers tell you that it is an “in” thing nowadays to sleep around.

looking at girl

Some teenagers as young as thirteen stay overnight in their boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s place once in a while.

Or sometimes more than thrice a week.

I know of a young lady who had been sleeping over in her boyfriend’s place ever since she was 13.

Of course, such acts are frowned upon by the previous generation. However, it is getting more and more common among students nowadays.

Thus, cohabitation among young adults are not the “worse” you have heard of.

I have a friend whose boyfriend has been staying in her house and they are not married yet.

Now if you ask a lady if she feels shameful of having sleeps in someone’s else home before married, she will have asked you “which century are you living in?”
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