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Archive for February, 2008

5 Common Struggles Of A Groom, After His Wedding

marriage bliss
photo from hnakamura

Marriage is a bliss. Everyone says that.

Commercials about weddings make them look so magical and care-free.

Weddings lead to a life of eternal happiness and romance.

Is it true for you?

For me, it is not true.

I am not saying I don’t like wedding. I love wedding and especially mine.

I love my wife too and everyday I told myself, “I can lose everything that I have but not her. I only have one her.”

Before my marriage, I was a carefree guy, in the sense that I can plan for my life and my finance.

But what happen after my wedding?
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Is This Another Wedding Disaster?

disaster bride
photo from feijeriemersma

You know of any wedding that never went smooth?


I know of many. In fact, all the wedding have their own stories to tell you, so do yours if you are planning one right now.

I have always asked myself what is the purpose of my wedding blog.

I look at the hundreds of wedding blogs and sites out there, there are in fact talking about wedding glamour.

Wedding ceremonies have always been pained beautifully and in advertisements and commercials, you are made to believe there is something called “your dream wedding”.

Wake up my friend! There is no dream wedding, no ideal wedding,

There is only disaster wedding – wedding waiting to go awfully wrong and here is why.
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Is This The Worst Wedding Scenario?

sad bride
photo from amorelavivre

You have heard about sad wedding songs? And have you heard about sad bride stories?

Here is one I learnt when I was providing online email support for my readers.

There is this story of a bride I know and she was not a very happy bride.

When her boyfriend proposed to her, she was the happiest angel on earth.

She started to be really busy arranging appointments to meet wedding photographer, hotel and even planning her honeymoon.

She was looking forward to the most beautiful day of her life.

The funny thing was she was planning her wedding all by herself.

What was actually happening?
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Tired of Smiling? 5 Ways To Keep Smilling!

smiley bride
photo from ddotdesign

Before your wedding ceremony, do you do warm up for your cheeks?

You won’t want to over-stress them and have numbed cheeks at the end of your wedding day.

During my big day, I just can’t stop smiling. I have to. There are cameras ponting towards me all the time.

I feel tired after noon time. But I have no choice.

“So, Jhong Ren, keep on smiling!”

So, I have found some creative ways to keep smiling, even if my cheeks were numbed or when I didn’t feel like to.

So, here you can learn the secrets on how to keep smiling and enjoy your wedding day (beside looking at happy items such as “the happiest blog“.)
1. It is only a day
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What Wedding Gifts To Buy? Top 5 Tips

Fun Bridesmaids
photo from kisluvkis

I have realised that during your wedding preparation, the last thing on your mind is most probably the wedding gifts.

Why do you need a wedding gift?

Wedding gifts are for thanking your fiance and your helpers.

You need to thank your fiance for trusting you and commiting himself to take care of you forever.

You also need to thank your helpers for willing to help you in your wedding planning. Without them, your wedding day won’t be possible.

“Oh no! Tomorrow is my wedding day and I haven’t got the wedding gift for my fiance!”

In fact, this is normal. Many couples, including us, actually got our wedding gifts during the last few days before our wedding day.

So, will this happen to you?

I hope not.

In fact, this post shares with you on how you can, at your convenience, get or make the wedding gift. And at the same time, give you some ideas on what to get. Though we thought that we truly understand our partner, we will be quite clueless on what to get.

Funny isn’t it? We have yet to really know the person we are getting married to.
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