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What Wedding Gifts To Buy? Top 5 Tips

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I have realised that during your wedding preparation, the last thing on your mind is most probably the wedding gifts.

Why do you need a wedding gift?

Wedding gifts are for thanking your fiance and your helpers.

You need to thank your fiance for trusting you and commiting himself to take care of you forever.

You also need to thank your helpers for willing to help you in your wedding planning. Without them, your wedding day won’t be possible.

“Oh no! Tomorrow is my wedding day and I haven’t got the wedding gift for my fiance!”

In fact, this is normal. Many couples, including us, actually got our wedding gifts during the last few days before our wedding day.

So, will this happen to you?

I hope not.

In fact, this post shares with you on how you can, at your convenience, get or make the wedding gift. And at the same time, give you some ideas on what to get. Though we thought that we truly understand our partner, we will be quite clueless on what to get.

Funny isn’t it? We have yet to really know the person we are getting married to.

In “Plan Your Fabulous Wedding” Wedding Guide Series, I have shared 41 of the best ideas for your thank-you gifts.

And here are the top 5 tips on what wedding thank you gifts to get:

1. Get them off the shelves
It is so convenient these days to simply get a gift off the shelf. You can go to a shopping mall and explore the hundreds of shops to find the most suitable wedding gifts.

You have wedding cards, ladies accessories for the bridesmaids, cuff links for the groomsmen, household appliances such as braun coffee makers.

In fact, personally I feel it is ideal to get something useful. The person receiving the gifts can use it.

Many brides choose to buy gifts based on appearance. They must be cute and fanciful.

For me, I consider these gifts of decorative value after the wedding day and they are simply left to collect dust in the storeroom.

You can also ask your helpers what kind of gifts you can buy for them and they can use it. You will be surprised by the number of ideas that they give you.
2. Make Your Own Gifts

If you are an artiscally inclined person, voila! You can make your own gifts from the many scrap materials in your house.

I did my wedding gift on the day before our wedding. I prepared the materials beforehand. (If you have some left-over materials from your previous art-work, you can use them too and save money in the process.)

Other simple things you can make in less than 10 minutes or so:

  • a thank you card
  • a paper rose
  • a paper aeroplane
  • a book mark
  • a thank you postcard

3. Present It On Stage

Can you write well or speak well? Then you can write a thank you note of about two pages or so.

Even though you think can’t write or speak well, you can still say a short thank-you speech to your fiance and your helpers on stage.

I really recommend you just let your thoughts flow from your heart and you just write whatever that comes to your mind.

I believe that if you are meant what you want to say, those words are going to be the most beautiful ones.

Suggested steps:

  • Give yourself an hour to be on your own
  • Get a piece of paper and state these points down
  • – Who am I thanking?
  • – Why am I thanking him?
  • – What is one example of a kind act which impresses me?
  • – How did he do it?
  • – When was it?

There is no need to write a page of thank-you content for every person you are thanking. Just a sentence or two for each person and move on to the next.

If you find that the time is too short to thank the person in detail, you can thank the person personally after the thank you note is done. And why not give your friends braun coffee makers as an additional thank you gift?

Just a thought! :p
4. Pay For Your Wedding Day

Many times, paying for the wedding is the most factual way of thanking your fiance. I know traditionally the groom should be paying for everything.

Now times have changed. Women are becoming more and more financially independant than men.

So you may want to work out with your fiance on which aspect of the wedding you can pay.

For example, you can pay for the honeymoon, the wedding favors and so on.

There is no need for you to pay everything. I see it as an act to lighten the groom’s side financially and the groom will be very thankful to you for this.
5. Delayed Wedding Gifts

Wedding-planning seemed to be a hasty thing. Everything seemed to be in a rush.

Before you know it, your wedding day is here and over.

Then you realised that there are some things which are yet to be done. And one of them can be getting the wedding gifts.

I feel it is alright to miss some details in the midst of all the busyness and confusion.

What you can do after your wedding can be:

  • Planning a thank you party for your helpers
  • Buying of thank you gifts during your honeymoon
  • Organising a reception just for your helpers
  • Calling every helper individually to thank him or her

There are in fact 1001 ideas for the type of gifts you can make or buy. Go spend some time thinking about it and you will be surprised how many choices you have, beside buying braun coffee makers.

If you can’t make up your mind, one way is always to ask the helpers and groom to give you some ideas. Then, you can buy the most suitable one which suit his or her needs.

So, what are the wedding gifts you have given or seen before? We would love to hear from you. =)

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