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Tired of Smiling? 5 Ways To Keep Smilling!

smiley bride
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Before your wedding ceremony, do you do warm up for your cheeks?

You won’t want to over-stress them and have numbed cheeks at the end of your wedding day.

During my big day, I just can’t stop smiling. I have to. There are cameras ponting towards me all the time.

I feel tired after noon time. But I have no choice.

“So, Jhong Ren, keep on smiling!”

So, I have found some creative ways to keep smiling, even if my cheeks were numbed or when I didn’t feel like to.

So, here you can learn the secrets on how to keep smiling and enjoy your wedding day (beside looking at happy items such as “the happiest blog“.)
1. It is only a day

There is no better reason to smile than this.

It is your big day and it is only a day!

And who is the star of the day?

You are the star!

So just keep on smiling, seeing your friends, family members, relatives around you.

They are all here to give you their blessings because they love you and care for you. So just be happy and smile when you see them.
2. Even if you feel grouchy

You have your bridesmaids to remind you.

“Please smile. Everybody is looking.”

I know a bridesmaid already have many roles. She has to do touch up for your make up, bring you water, wipe your perspiration, do small errands for you like bring you to the toilet.

Communicate to her that there will be times you will feel overwhelmed by the attention and the busyness. Remind her to remind you to smile.

At the same time, when you talk to your bridesmaid about your tiredness, interestingly your tiredness will vanish.

Go test it out! It works!

smiley bride
photo from nathangibbs

3. Have a bunch of joker friends hanging around you.

During my wedding, I am fortunate to have a group of wedding helpers around me and they are the best companion that I can have.

They are optimistic, jovial and always cracking jokes and laughing at themselves.

There is no choice but to be influenced by their laughters.

Remember, laughter is contagious!
4. You won’t want to look like that in your photos.

I know one thing that brides regretted is about how they look in their wedding photos.

The next time when you see any bride flipping through her wedding albums, observe her.

You will hear comments like “My elbows look flabby!”, “Oh my! I look fat.” or “Why didn’t I smile? I look so ugly.”

So before your wedding day, tell yourself you want your wedding photos to be perfect.

You can control them.


Smile all the way. The photographer is watching your every move.
5. Smle from within

You know about human psychology?

Your thought will lead to your feelings and your feelings will lead to your behaviour.

Tell yourself you have invested so much time, effort and money in your wedding preparation.

Now, you deserve to enjoy every bit of it.

Have this expecation some things will not go as what you have planned. So how should you react to it?

Smile. Let it go and move on.

I stumbled upon this blog with smiles that made my day.

The blogger has this happiness project and it will bring you smile when you check it out.

Here is a summary of it: “Are you looking for happiness? Join the happiest blog in the world and share your happiness with other. You can be one of the million happy smiles on this blog which will inspire other to live better and happier.”

How else do you keep smiling? I would love to hear from you.

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