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Archive for October, 2007

Going Home for Dinner

You know it has been really natural for some couples to return to the in-laws’ place regulalry for meals and simple get-together.

I know some dreaded in going back as it seemed to be poor torture.

As for me, it was initally like that.

Now, I in fact enjoyed going back.

It was a relieving sight to see the whole family get together and have a simple meal.

We just had one and both parents-in-law were very happy.

There was alot of laughter and joy and the dinner time was a bliss.

In the past, I could frankly tell you that it was absolute discomfort for me to sit at the dining table for 2 hours.

Never in my life have I had such a long dinner.
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Working Hard At My Very Best for My Wife

Lately, you may have noticed a drop in the number of posts. I apologised for it as I was really busy working my job and building my dream.

How To Plan Your Fabulous Wedding
“My New Wedding e-Book Cover” >.<

My new Wedding Planning e-book is about to be launched soon and I’m doing another project with some very good friends of mine.

I would like to talk about these male friends I have. They are all married and we all have a common dream.

We all work towards the common dream of giving our wives a better and more comfortable life.

I remember Warren Buffett, the 2nd richest man in the world once expressed in the press conference how he had changed after becoming a very wealthy man.

He mentioned he didn’t change much. It was just that his wife lives slightly better.

Marriage life has definitely changed me for the better.
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Traffic for October 29

Today I am really delighted! 😀

My 1 year and 2 months old Wedding Blog has reached a daily traffic of over 900 for the first time!

Thank you to all my readers and subscribers for supporting My Wedding Blog all along. >.< Thank you so much!

Traffic for My Wedding Blog October 07

18 Fascinating Pictures of Fairy Tale Theme Wedding

A bride emailed asking for help on her fairy tale wedding theme.

First of all, I have to admit this is the first time I have heard about “fairy theme wedding”, no doubt I have heard about “Hello Kitty Wedding“.

So, what is a fairy tale theme wedding?

Does it need to be magical just like in the fairy tale?

Does it need to be held at Disneyland Hotel?

Or does it need to have fairy tale characters to remind you of the childhood fairy tale which you have heard as a child?

Most girls over the ages have been enchanted by fairytales of the princess going off with her handsome prince and living happily ever after.

I believe the mostly used wedding theme is either Mickey and Minnie Disney theme or Cinderella and Prince fairy tale theme wedding.

Other themes from popular fairy tales such as the Frog Prince, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty are often used.

Of course, there will be such fairy tale characters almost everywhere ranging from the reception to the table decors and so on.

So I spent about 2 hours doing internet research to answer this bride’s question to the best I can.

I discovered 4 fairy tale related weddings that brides are searching for in Google:
1. fairy tale theme wedding
2. fairy favor tale theme wedding
3. fairy theme wedding
4. fairy invitation tale theme wedding

Rather than just trying to explain them in words. I would prefer to show more pictures.

And of course, nothing beats looking at real pictures of “fairy tale wedding theme” and I hope that this post can give her a better idea.

So here goes (There are some photos that I have added the description which I copied from the wedding site so that it is easier for you to read. To know more, you can click on the links below the photos.)

Wedding Reception

Maybe a fairy tale wedding should start off with a fairy tale like entry with the bride on the horse carriage.

Does it remind you of Cinderella?

fairy tale wedding theme wedding carriage

fairy tale wedding theme wedding carriage
from elitecarriages.com

~ * * * ~

fairy tale wedding theme wedding card box
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Pink Sony and Canon S3 Cameras for Professional Wedding Photographer?

I was given the heavy responsiblity of being my cousin’s “professional” wedding photographer on her big day.

Armed with only a Sony T100 (luckily not a pink Sony Camera) and my Canon S1 digital camera (the latest one is Canon digital Powershot S3, I will be the wedding photographer for the whole day.

Oh my! Now I’m super-stressed.

My cousin’s wedding is going to be in December 07 and I really look forward to her big wedding day.

I heard that she will be getting some more friends to help her take photographs and I certainly hope that they can be better, if not the best wedding photographers she can find.

I have never felt so stressful about taking wedding day photographs.

I remembered during my own wedding planning, it was stressful to find the right wedding photographer. So now when I come to think of it again, I wonder if I am up to the mark to help take photos for my cousin.

I did take some photos for her during her solemnisation. It was fun snapping away.

Cool! I’m going to be one-day wedding photographer!

I’m sure it will certainly be fun and exciting to capture different shots from different angles, just like a photojournalistic wedding photographer.

I only have 2 digital cameras and Now let’s take a look what type of camera I will be using and give it a Sony digital camera review:

Sony T100:

sony cyber shot digital camera
from image-acquire.com

So far, I have been really satisfied with my Sony T100 digital camera. I think initally my wife bought it partially because of the “face-detection” feature of up to 8 faces.
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