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Archive for October, 2006

Sending out our Wedding Invitation cards

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1 more month to our wedding…we are busy preparing the wedding invitation cards.

There are a few things you need:

1. The guest’s name and surname (if applicable)

2. The guest’s mailing address (if you are not passing to him/ her personally by hand)

3. A pen to write the names on the inserts

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Sharing of wedding photos by Sharon

I have chanced upon another blogger. Her name is Sharon and she has kindly consented to let me post some of her photos in my blog. 🙂


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Lunch at the Japanese Restaurant and Purchase of wedding gift

Today, my fiancee invited us?lunch. It was a sumptuous and satisfying lunch with Japanese cuisine served. You get what I mean when?you see the photos we took.?


The Prok Belly that lterally melt in my mouth. For those who love fatty meat, it is a must to try.

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1 more month to my wedding and I am feeling…

I am feeling a mixture of feelings. Anxious, excited, uneasy, in high spirit, low, on cloud nine…confused?

It is really tough for me to juggle more than 3 major things in mind while planning and coordinating my wedding. I’m so glad that my course is coming to an end soon, but here come my reservist for 3 weeks.

I’m truly grateful to people around me and they have offered help and support. I’m thankful that most of the things have been done.
Tomorrow, my mom will be bringing my fiancee to buy jewellery. In Chinese custom, the mother-in-law of the fiancee has to buy her a gift. My fiancee is a decent girl with good upbringing. She has offered to treat my mom and aunty lunch at a japanese restaurant.

At night, we will be going to see the edited wedding photos at the bridal studio. Plus, one of my groomsmen will be trying his coat which will be worn?during my wedding dinner.
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???????? ????

During these few weeks, we were pretty crazy about the new Korean Drama ???. Plus after viewing my fiancee’s friend’s wedding photos which are totally awesome!!!
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