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Every bride wants to look like a million bucks on her wedding day. Very few actually want to spend that much. Here’s how to look great without busting your budget.

Avoid buying a wedding dress: Check out bridesmaid, prom, and department store dresses. You may be able to find a dress that just happens to be white at a fraction of the cost. Youll do even better if youre looking for a dress in off-white, champagne, or another color.

Wear someone elses gown: Ask your mother, grandmother or other family member if shell let you wear her dress. She will be honored that you asked, and you cant get cheaper than free. Remember, though, that you will probably need to have it altered.

Shop sample sales: You can score a designer dress for less if you hit sample sales, especially if you wear a size 8 or something close to it. Sales are usually held during the winter and summer months.

Make your own veil: Veils are usually just made of tulle and a comb or tiara. Dont pay $30 or more for something you can make on your own for significantly less. Arm yourself with a glue gun, fabric, and a headpiece, then get to work!

Do your own hair and makeup: Unless youre planning on doing something complicated and ornate, you probably dont need to call in the professionals. Look to wedding magazines for ideas and instructions, then try it out yourself. Remember to practice your style at least once before your wedding day to make sure things will go smoothly.

Buy a dress that fits now: Many brides plan on losing weight before they get married and buy a too-small dress for motivation. However, this strategy can set you up for disaster if you dont make it to your goal weight. Buy a dress that fits now, then have it altered when you lose the weight. Its always cheaper to take in a dress than to let it out.

Wear family jewelry: You dont need to spend lots of money on wedding jewelry. Chances are that someone in your family has something nice for you to wear on your big day. This saves you money and also takes care of finding something borrowed.

Rent the tux or buy an affordable suit: Chances are your husband-to-be won’t need to wear a tux on a regular basis. Instead of buying one, rent it or just get a nice suit that he’ll be able to wear again.

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