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Archive for December, 2006

How did we get the 2nd Helper’s room and Free Corkages for 40 bottles of wine…

The hotel gave us MANY surprises before our wedding. Surprises = shocks!!!

In February 06, we contacted the Business manager, P and she left in June 06.
It was during this time, the 2nd coordinator, S emailed us telling us she will take over P. The hassle we went through was we have to brief the new coordinator everything we had discussed with P.

One month before our wedding, we tried contacting S but couldn’t locate her after many attempts. No response to emailsthat we sent to her and no call from her. Then, suddenly, V emailed us telling us she was the new coordinator as S had left.

V told us she was temporarily on leave for a very long time and the Director that we contacted told us she left for studies. We kept on hearing different versions of stories.

S left about 1 month after she took up the job.

We were really displeased with the hotel’s service at that point in time and my wife was terribly affected. We lodged a complaint to the Director level, only to realise the Director had resigned recently too.

Oh my!!! Seems like everyone was leaving the hotel.
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Gifts from Seoul & Jeju, Korea

These are the gifts that we bought back from Korea. Enjoy watching >.<

Roles and Responsibilities of Wedding Helpers

Wedding day is the most important day of one’s life. After you have spent the entire year planning, of course you want everything on your BIG Day to go well.

As for me, I am thankful for my helpers who helped me really alot on my wedding day. My brothers helped me in things like munching chilli in the morning, to tying my shoelaces when the banquet coordinator was briefing me about the details to helping me coordinate my wedding dinner among all helpers.

In summary, if your wedding day is coming soon, do take note of these roles (These are the roles my helpers had during our wedding day):
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Filtering my Honeymoon photos

I thought that I can blog on my wedding experience today. But I had spent the last 3 hours filtering my 2000 photos that I took in Korea. Now at 12.15am, I have selected 623 photos out of 630 photos.

So, I went through 3 stages: selection, filtering and screening…wow…

wondering anyone knows any places that provide cheap services for developing 623 photos.

I have found out outlets that develope at 20 cents per photo if you are developing over 100 photos…so anyone knows where I can develope for less than 20 cents…

Back to blogging

Hmmm…have been thinking how to benefit future readers who are using my blog to get the necessary information that they want.

Info such as how to get the best deals from hotels, where to get wedding customary items in the least time and what to do for wedding customs and many more.

I think what I will do is blog on alternate topics, wedding and honey moon in order to satisfy the prior groups as well as friends who want to know how was my Korea trip.

From today onwards, this blog will be updated daily. So continue to read my blog. If you know the info will benefit any one, feel free to send them the link.

Though challenging. planning a wedding should be fun and smooth, especially when we are all working. So, I hope My Wedding Blog can continue to benefit as many people as possible.

OKie…off to get ready to sort my photos again…I took 1989 photos in Korea during those 12 days…