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6 Best Tips On Selecting Wedding Photographers

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i. Getting Your Photographer Early

Here are some tips for your search of your perfect photographer:
? Recommendation from married friends or family members.
? Look through Yellow Pages, the Internet, bridal magazines and local newspapers.
? Check out the local bridal fairs.
? Check out the photographers? websites, view their work and see who they have photographed before.
? Shortlist a few whose photography styles and photographs entice you and their pricing must suit your budget.

ii. Meeting the Photographer

When you have met up with the photographer, always consider the following:
Ask for their portfolio. See their works both in digital and hard copies. Most digital formats look flawless especially when they are presented in big LCD monitor and these copies have always been edited. Ask to view their printouts and photo albums. While viewing the albums, ask yourself how the photographs make you feel. Has the photographer been capturing just single shots or he is telling a story with his photos? Has he captured the mood and feel of the day?

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iii. Money Matters

Costs will be dependant on the photographer. The type of coverage, the number of photos you have, where you live, where you will be having your photographs taken and the type of package you choose. Do remember to compare a few packages so that you can see what is available and what you get for your money. Be sure to ask for a breakdown of the costs.


iv. Type of Photography Style

Consider whether you want black-and-white, color, sepia or all three. If a photographer uses film, he will have to alternate between two cameras for black-and-white and color. However, if he is using a digital camera, this can be decided after the wedding.

v. Capturing of Details

Before you select your photographer for this task, take a look at some of their detail shots and see if you like their style. A good photographer should be able to make stunning shots out of common objects.

vi. Photography timeline

12 months:
? Research a list of 3 to 5 photographers and arrange an appointment

3 months:
? Decide on a location for your photo shoots.

1 week:
? Call your photographer and confirm everything. (A professional photographer will contact you.)

On your wedding day:
? Inform the photographer if there is any particular shot you want
? Relax and smile. Enjoy your big day!

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