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Archive for November, 2010

Getting the Groom Involved in the Planning


from good_day

Wedding planning isn’t just for the bride; the groom should take some responsibility and have some input in the process too. However, traditionally the arrangements are covered by the bride and her mother. That means that many people don’t know how to get the groom involved. Let’s take a look at a few ways to help him avoid feeling left out of things or run over by your plans.

If you’ve just gotten engaged, you’re going to want to make the announcement. Both of you can create an announcement card to send out by mail or email, or share the responsibility of calling friends and family. Together, make the list of people you’d like to invite to the wedding.
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Don’t Forget To Get Your Sleep!


from wiseacre

Planning your wedding is a big deal and can use up a lot of energy. If you’re going to married soon, you’re probably finding yourself running all over, and you might not be getting enough sleep. However, that’s a bad idea. There are lots of unfortunate side effects that come from not getting enough rest, and they could put a crimp in your plans for the big day. Let’s take a look at the reasons that brides need plenty of high quality sleep, especially the night before their weddings.

Did you know that sleep prevents disease? If you get less than the amount your body requires (and some of us need more than others) you’re putting yourself at risk for faster aging and more diseases. Sleep keeps your heart healthy, and can reduce your risk of cancer. It also helps you reduce your stress levels, since sleep deficiency elevates stress, raises blood pressure and increases muscle tension. Not enough sleep can result in aches and pains, as well as trouble getting through the day.
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