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5 Tips You Need To Know While Choosing Your Wedding Gown

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The most cherished, most planned, and least used piece of clothing is the wedding gown. You spend about six months to a year to look for the perfect gown for you. When you finally find it, you pay a hefty amount to have it altered to your size. Then, you only get to use it once in your life, on your wedding day. Right now, if you have followed my trend of thinking, you would probably agree with me and would feel a little bit down hearted, especially when you think of the expense that comes with acquiring that perfect gown.

1. Styles for the Wedding Aisle

As seen in history, the wedding gown has evolved from different styles, from conservative to the ultra modern. It usually follows what style is in at the moment, or who is sporting what, and if someone famous gets married, it is most probable that the design of the gown used will be copied, altered, and donned by several other brides. There is no written rule with regards to the style of dress you want to wear, especially in these modern times that you can get away with anything you like, as long as it fits your theme or motif for you wedding.

2. Rolls and Rolls of Fabric

By this time, you probably have decided on the color and style of your wedding dress. To be able to put it into reality will depend on the fabric you will use to make it. Heavy fabrics like velvet and satin are good for cold weather and for formal weddings while light fabrics like chiffon and lace are for warm weather and daytime weddings.


3. The Hunt for the Perfect Gown

If you are on a tight budget, which most brides are, you have the option of making your own wedding dress. It will definitely cost a lot cheaper aside from the fact that is custom-made to fit all the curves of your body to a T. You are able to control the style, make a few alterations as the work is being done, and it will contain a bit of your personality since you designed it. Unfortunately, this is very tedious work, which will definitely take a lot of your time to accomplish.

For those with an unlimited budget for their wedding gown, the best place to go is to a bridal salon. Do not just go to any bridal salon since there are salons that charge you almost five times the worth of the gown, only to find out that it is a week before your wedding and it is not even halfway finished.

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4. The Romance of the Veil

Veils are commonly made from fine sheer fabrics since it is used to hide the face from the groom until they are fully wed. There are several ways of wearing the veil. The most common is the veil that is attached to either the top or bottom of the headpiece that is easily attached using Velcro.

There is also the turban style, wherein the veil is like a scarf that is wrapped around the head, leaving only the eyes to be seen. This style, reminiscent of the gypsies, imparts a mysterious aura on the bride. The simplest style for the veil is just to drape it over the head, which varies only in the length of the veil.


5. Wedding Accessories

To complete the whole wedding outfit and to accentuate the beauty of the bride, there are several accessories to use, some even for more practical reasons.
? A handbag, made out of cloth or even the same fabric as the gown can be used to hold personal things such as a lipstick or compact for a quick touch-up. This can be forgone with a pocket on the gown, or your personal assistant hovering over you.
? A headpiece is used to hold the veil in place, usually with Velcro. It may be a band of flowers, beads, or even a combination of both, which should only be subtle or else run the risk of making the bride look like a flower vase.
? A garter is used, more for tradition?s sake rather than practical use.
? Considered part of the accessories is the undergarments or intimate clothing. These may include the corset, girdle, slip and petticoat.

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