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Flowers can be the most beautiful part of your wedding d’cor. Unfortunately, they can also be the most expensive. Use these tips to stretch your flower budget.

Carry a single stem instead of a bouquet: A simple and elegant single stem can make just as strong a statement as a large bouquet. You’ll save money on both flowers and your florist’s labor by doing this.

Use candles to highlight flowers: Candles can usually be purchased for less than flowers, so use them to your advantage. Use fewer flowers, then put the spotlight on them with candles.
Buy from internet wholesale florists: Take your comparison shopping outside your local area by checking out prices from internet wholesale florists.

Grow your own: Seeds, soil and sunlight are more affordable than anything you’d be able to buy from a florist.

Choose in-season, locally grown flowers: Flowers that don’t have to be flown in will be significantly cheaper.

Buy silk flowers: Silk flowers are generally cheaper than real ones, plus you won’t have to worry about keeping them alive. That means you can buy them months in advance and shop for sales.

Supplement flowers with fresh herbs from the grocery store: You can pick up nice looking herbs at the grocery store for an affordable supplement to your flowers. They look good and smell good, too.

Give your florist a color scheme, not particular flowers: Allow your florist flexibility so that they can pick out the most affordable flowers for your color scheme. Remember to provide a list of flowers that you want to avoid.

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