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Archive for February, 2007

Wedding Band Engravings

Many wedding couples want to leave lovely plus romantic messages on their rings.
wedding ring engraving
from www.engagement-ring-guide.com

This is called engraving and there are tons of messages to choose from.

Some examples are

1. My Glorious Wife
2. My gentle lover
3. I love you, baby?
4. Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!
5. We are written in the stars.

For your info…here are another FEW HUNDREDS more….

Wedding Engraving 1

Wedding Engraving 2

More Wedding Photographers

I got these links from singaporebrides.com

feel free to browse.

“Photos are from their web sites”

wedding photo

wedding photo

wedding photo

wedding photo

wedding photo

jayce photography

wedding photo

wedding photo

wedding photo


wedding photo



Teaser by LetThereBeLight

In Malaysia,

wedding photo


My Wedding Blog is Really Benefitting Many

Today, I’m really delighted to receive thank-you emails from brides as well as grooms thanking me how much they have benefitted from my blog.

Initially, I started off this blog just to benefit my other friends who are planning their weddings. It is a common site to share resources.

Then, it became my very own personal blog to share my ups and downs; my inner thoughts; my inner voices. This blog became my avenue to express my feelings, some of them were expressed when I was really down and felt trapped.

Nonetheless, this blog has given me hope and reassurance that we (myself and my wife) were going to plan our wedding smoothly. Minor glitches will happen. We just take things as they came.

Then, many people asked me what is going to happen to my wedding blog after marriage. Some suggested that I post about my life after marriage so wedding couples can have some peeps into where they wil be going after their weddings.

I’m not a guru. We are still considered newly-wed. There are many more years for us to go…maybe another 50 – 60 years…

Even after my wedding, I’m delighted to find my blog really useful to readers who are planning their weddings. They sent me words of thanks, telling me that they spent as much as 1 to 2 hours reading most of the entries.

They also find my blog as a form of inspiration and encouragement for them when they themselves are going through their low period. They even mentioned when they are depressed, they felt better after reading about the turmoils I have gone through in my blog.

I will continue to post as long as I can type.

Without my readers, there won’t be any motivation for me to post. As long as 1 reader is reading, I will continue to update my wedding blog. >.< If you have things to share on your mind and there is no one to share with, you can always share with me and I will be your listening ear.

Wedding Fair @ Jurong Point

I saw from Strait Times today that there is a wedding fair.

Dates: 26/2 – 4/3/07
Daily: 2pm to 7pm

It is a “Love Now & Forever” Wedding fair organised by Soo Kee and there is free instant makeover by Jean Yip and Photo shots by Whitelink.

On 3rd & 4th Mar 07, at 3pm there is make-up and hair show by Jean Yip and at 6.30pm a Bridal Show.


Lately from TV, I kept on seeing this wedding commercial. They have a website.
You may want to take a look to see if it useful. >.< wedding-travel.com