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Feeling Too Stressful? How To Manage Your Wedding Stress

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1. Allow for ample time to prepare

When your fiance gets down on his knee and asks for your hand in marriage, schedule the wedding half or whole year in advance to give you ample time to see to the very last detail. Start by browsing through several bridal magazines. You’ll get a lot of information this way. There are women who feel awkward buying and reading through a bridal magazine without the prerequisite ring on their finger. Well, now you have every right to go through every wedding magazine you can get your hands on, enjoying and savoring every bit of information and suggestion you can find. Enjoy the process of having a stress free wedding.

Ask some of your friends (and preferably married friends who could share their real wedding experiences) to join you, and solicit for their advice when you see things that you can potentially add to your wedding plans. The key here is to get you started on a wedding planning mindset while enjoying your friends’ companies at the same time.

2. Select the proper wedding planner


Some prefer to plan their own wedding while others prefer to engage wedding planners to do the dirty work for them. I must stress that it is of utmost importance to engage the right wedding planner, someone who is experienced, honest, responsible and committed. One good trick to find out whether your wedding planner is the right one for you to ask for recommendation. He must be good and that is why he is recommended to your by his previous customers.

Again, this is just a rough gauge. Eventually, you need to talk to him and find out if he has the characteristics of a fine wedding planner.

Here are one of the several characteristics to look for in a wedding planner:

1. Experienced. Though taking risks sometimes has its rewards, selecting an inexperienced wedding planner is not one of them. A wedding is such a complex ceremony to be left in the hands of someone who does not have the clear picture on what to do. A wedding planner with years of experience under his or her belt would surely help ease the burden of planning your wedding. Though most professionals do demand quite a fee, it is still considered a good investment, especially if you, the bride-to-be, don’t have any clue on what to do. A good planner knows how to deal with just about any crisis that might arise, and could guide you properly all the way. A good way of knowing who to select is through word-of-mouth advertising. Ask your married relatives and friends on who handled their weddings and whether they are satisfied with the results. Solicit some tips on how to go about in your selection process. A planner who has handled numerous wedding preparations must have gone through every imaginable dilemma there is and would know the proper solutions.


3. Get the papers in order

Depending on the state you live in, there are several documents that you needed to produce in order to obtain a marriage license from county clerks. You need to have your birth certificate with you, some proper identification papers like passport, driver’s license, a photo id, and divorce papers, when applicable. Under the federal law, you also need to give you Social Security number. Though blood tests have long ceased to be requirements, some locales still require them.

Do make the time to inquire on what documents are required from you and your groom-to-be and prepare them at least a month in advance. Since these are personal documents, you can ask a close family member for assistance. The important thing is that you can complete all the necessary requirements way before your wedding takes place. You also need to know who are the persons authorized and recognized by your state to perform the wedding ceremony.

Follow these tips to relieve your wedding stress.

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