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What to Wear Under There on Your Wedding Day

Now that you’ve figured out the expenses, selected the wedding favors, ordered the invitations and of course – found the perfect wedding gown, it’s time to consider what bridal lingerie to wear underneath. If you are like many, you may have overlooked or completely forgot to consider what may be one of the most important pieces of your wedding day attire.

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Presenting … The Best Designers for Your Big Day

Soughting out the perfect wedding dress can be quite a challenge when there are so many amazing wedding dress designers. Each designer, with their own unique style and approach, showcases a different range of bridal wear and more often than not, each one of them are renowned in their own special way; some are known for their intricate beading, some for their cutting edge and avant-garde designs and some for the way they create magical gowns that flatter the female form in an ethereal manner. Listed below are just a few of the many established and famous wedding gown designers.

Oscar De La Renta

Not only is De La Renta one of the world’s leading fashion designer in ready wear, his name has long been established as one of the biggest and best in bridal wear. Renowned for his high quality gowns and excellent workmanship, he continues to push the fashion and style boundaries with his avant-garde designs. His gowns capture the very essence of femininity and have been characterized by full and flowing skirts.

In his latest Spring 2012 bridal collection, De la Renta marries classic silhouettes with spring patterns as well as Southern belle influences. Featuring pant suits, cocktail dresses and floorsweeping gowns, his entire collection is breathtaking and just goes to show how he has always been at the pinnacle of good taste.
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Wedding Dresses And Superstitions

from ballyooo

The wedding dress has been a focal point of almost any wedding for almost four hundred years. Besides being a design that would make the bride look pure and angelic, the wedding dress was often more than just a beautiful decoration when you consider the superstitions that surround it.

Initially, the bridal gown was a symbol of the bride’s purity and suitability as a wife and bearer of the groom’s children. The union of two people was often considered a union of two families for economic reasons or to build political strength. With those underlying motivations and the superstitions around almost every aspect of the bride’s wedding gown, most weddings conducted in some early ceremonies from a few centuries back were strictly crafted to accomplish much more than joining two people in love.
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Keep That Dress: How to Preserve Your Wedding Dress


After spending hours and hours poring over magazines, bridal books, and catalogs, and after spending so much money on the wedding dress of your dreams, it’s imperative that you take measures to preserve and maintain the beauty of your bridal gown. It is one of the most important memorabilia of your wedding day. For whatever reason it may be, whether you want to preserve it as a family heirloom or just for a keepsake, every bride would do well to take care of the gown she was wed in.
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Choosing Z Wedding Gowns for Your Special Day

Z Wedding Gowns

10. Choosing Z Wedding Gowns for your Special Day

Looking your absolute best for the day you marry the man of your dreams is a must for any bride. You want to feel fabulous and look it too. There are of course, many pictures you have been collecting over the years and over the past few months you have gathered together a few of the top images to create your wedding gown look. Now the task that lies ahead is to find that perfect, one-of-a-kind wedding gown. Well, one of the most stunning websites that will make the process a lot easier is Z Wedding D’sign. Here you have a selection of wonderfully unique and sensual wedding dresses that will flatter each bride to be and capture her style and essence for the Big Day!
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