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Archive for November, 2006

Wedding Dining Voucher from Kloudiia.com

Lately, my friend Kloudiia had started a “Love Stories Writing Project” and some readers of her blog had submitted their love stories of how they met their love ones. The winner is me. >.< I will take it as an early wedding present from her. "Thanks alot, Kloudiia." I will be bringing my darling to dine at Fullerton Hotel!!! >.< Really exciting! I have received the S$100 food voucher from her by mail today.

The envelope that contains the voucher

The $100 food vouchers

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From now till my wedding day…I’m super short of time

One more week left and it seems like I still have tons of things to do:

1) Last Saturday, I have met up with my brothers and planned a draft for our wedding schedule…did I say draft? yes, I have edited it for about 10 times in these past two days. I will be editing it again.

2) next, I have more or less planned the guests sitting arrangement? “What? who can’t sit with who?…who MUST sit with who?…” I have been hearing remarks from my mum and it seems like I’m trying to plan my time-table in University to fit my schedule.

There are still some guests who have yet replied me if they are attending. For Singaporean, it is no “pai-seh” (not embarrasing) to check with guests if they are coming or not. However, according to Hong Kong custom, my future mother-in-law had a difficulty asking her guests. This led to our difficulty of checking who is coming.

(Remember rule number ONE !? If you want a good life as future son-in-law, NEVER confront your mother-in-law. Grooms, remember this!)

3) My fiancee is very nice to help choose the wedding songs from the song lists supplied by the hotel. She is also trying to come up with the wedding videos, montages and slide shows.
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Meeting of My Brothers (Wedding Helpers & Coordinators)

I’m extremely grateful to all the best buddies in the following picture. We had a meeting with my band of brothers who are very kind to help me in this wedding-planning.


They took up 7 various roles such as:
1) Brother Chief (in-charge of all brothers)
2) Banque Coordinator (in-charge of the banquet and liaise with the hotel coordinator)
3) Beverage Coordinator (in-charge of controlling flow of wine, beer and liquors)
4) IT Coordinator (in-charge of powerpoint and video presentation, microphones and liaise with hotel technicians)
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Guo Da Li

Click here to download the pdf file for this post

I have taken some photos for the Guo Da Li. Below are the photos of the customary items that I have bought:
(You can click on “+” and “-” to control the speed of the slides. Click on any image for the name of the item.)

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You look dashing, dear… from Ju

He wears his spec everyday. He has no contact lenses and no intention of trying them.
Sandles+Shirts+bermudas = his attire = himself. Take out any 1 of those items from this equation, he looks weird.
He never dyes hair / highlight hair and totally disagrees with the idea of changing the hair color. His hair has been black from the day he was born. He believes being nature is beauty.

On 21June, he has done something he never did.

He DIDN’T WEAR SPEC – almost the whole day.
He DIDN’T WEAR SHIRTS+BERMS+SANDLES. Instead he wore shirts, tuexdo, pants, leather shoes.
He allowed the makeup artist to highlight his hair and most importantly, his hair went against the gravity. His 1st and ever new hairstyle -the korean actor’s hairstyle. @,@

How does he look like?

One word to sum up – DASHING!

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