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From now till my wedding day…I’m super short of time

One more week left and it seems like I still have tons of things to do:

1) Last Saturday, I have met up with my brothers and planned a draft for our wedding schedule…did I say draft? yes, I have edited it for about 10 times in these past two days. I will be editing it again.

2) next, I have more or less planned the guests sitting arrangement? “What? who can’t sit with who?…who MUST sit with who?…” I have been hearing remarks from my mum and it seems like I’m trying to plan my time-table in University to fit my schedule.

There are still some guests who have yet replied me if they are attending. For Singaporean, it is no “pai-seh” (not embarrasing) to check with guests if they are coming or not. However, according to Hong Kong custom, my future mother-in-law had a difficulty asking her guests. This led to our difficulty of checking who is coming.

(Remember rule number ONE !? If you want a good life as future son-in-law, NEVER confront your mother-in-law. Grooms, remember this!)

3) My fiancee is very nice to help choose the wedding songs from the song lists supplied by the hotel. She is also trying to come up with the wedding videos, montages and slide shows.
We wanted to have :
a) a slide show of our wedding photos while guests are waiting for other guests to arrive.
b) two montages of our child hood till adult-hood photos (1 song-length)
c) over 30 songs to accompany guests during dinner
(sequence is subjected to changes again…updated on 30/11/06)

4) Meanwhile, we still have to liaise with hotel to book a date to test our equipment such as mics, laptops, projectors and so on.

5) My mother will help me to check with my relatives if they are coming for my wedding (and meanwhile remind them to be on time for my wedding dinner cum solemnisation PLUS tea-ceremony in the morning.)

6) Not forgetting that we still have yet to get an Ang Pow Box.

7) Next, we will be going for final-fitting on Thursday.

8) My mattress is coming on this Saturday.

9) Hey…did I tell you I have exam in NUS (National University of Singapore) on next Monday, 6 days prior to my wedding!!!?

10) Next week, we have to go to ROM to collect our marriage certificates.

11) Yup, we will be giving speeches…in dialects….sigh….How can I brush up my Cantonese in 7 days’ time?

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