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Archive for August, 2007

Email Enquiry: Is there a Need for Wedding Engagement?

I received an email enquiry from a reader:
“I have a Singaporean girlfriend who I want to marry and I am trying to ask her parents for their
blessing. I want to know if it is Singaporean culture to become engaged?”

“Hi, yes, you are right. In Singapore, there is a need for solemnisation to take place so that both of you are considered legally married in the eyes of Singapore’s law.

There are generally 2 arrangements local wedding couples do.

1. Solemnisation done about a year before the actual wedding day.

You can register at Singapore’s Registry of Marriage and book a date.

The solemnisation can be done at the Registry itself (like what my cousin did for her solemnisation) or you can book an external venue such as a restaurant or a function room of a hotel.

Some locals prefer a long time period between the two important dates so that they can get a local house unit using their names as married couples.

In addition, they can have ample time to renovate their house in time for their wedding day.
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    Happy Teachers’ Day!!!

    As Featured On Ezine Articles


    I was thinking for the whole night what is difference between my wedding blog compared to other more popular ones like weddingbee.com and ohjoys.blog.com. They are always recommending wedding items to buy or wedding items other brides use, in my own opinion.

    To pull oneself through the ups and downs of wedding planning, there is more to getting the tasks completed and items prepared. I feel brides and grooms from across the globe need more support in terms of emotional aspect.

    I feel more can be shared on how you can sustain your flame with your spouse while planning your wedding and after marriage. I think my wedding blog will be sharing with you more on relationship tips to sustain marriage for the newly-weds.

    OKie, I digress abit. Tomorrow is 1st September which has always been Teachers’ Day when students from all schools celebrate.

    There will be celebration in schools. And for those more favored teachers, their desks will always be packed with gifts and flowers from students who adore them.


    For those who are more hated or dislike, their desks will be empty. Thus, Teachers’ Day is a the judgement day when teachers’ popularity are measured in relation to the gifts they received.

    Once a year, teachers’ efforts are rewarded. However, it is only on this day that we, as students, show our appreciation to the teachers. I hope not.

    Similarly to our anniversaries when we first meet our wives, when we first kissed, when we first held hands, when we first got together as an official couple, when we got married and so on, is it only on these “special” days that we reward our spouse with tender, loving care.

    In my own opinion, everyday should be a day when we treat our spouse with the utmost love she can get, as if it is our last day on earth.
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    You Praise Him When You Love Him; You Curse Him When He…

    As Featured On Ezine Articles

    kissing on the spot in public

    I was taking the subway a moment ago and saw a public display of intense affection.

    Notice I use the word “intense”.

    The boyfriend was hugging the girlfriend so tightly from behind, literally smelling her and groping her breasts in the midst of a crowd.

    They were too busy till they didn’t notice at least twenty pairs of eyes were on them.

    Oh my, free RA (Restricted Artistic) show to watch!

    In Singapore, there was a big news earlier this year or the last (I can’t remember) when a student couple from a local polytechnic started the circulation of the video named Tammy. In fact, I think that was her name.

    A short video of them having hot sex was circulated controllably like bushfire starting from within the school compound to the whole of internet world. They were filming themselves having sex in a room and the amateur video was done using their mobile phone.

    public affection

    When lovers are blinded by relationship, this is one of the common things that may happen.

    It really amazed me how wildly and blindly in love can today teens be in and they can do anything, almost anything to express their love for each other.

    I know of this common tag line by boyfriends on their girlfriends “If you don’t want to have sex with me means you don’t love me.

    This is when the avalanche of problems set in. Parent is in fact the best person to educate her daughters to respect their bodies. And if the guys love them, they will wait for you no matter what.

    On the contrary when the relationship starts to fall apart, women as well as men can do really hurting stuff just to kill and exterminate each other from the surface of the earth.
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    How To Talk to Your Wife So She will Listen

    As Featured On Ezine Articles

    Men and women are not alike. Men will never understand why women talk so much and can feel so much. And women will never understand what is in a man’s brain. (Not necessarily sex all the time.)

    However, there is a similarity between men and women. (Thank God there is some way to talk sense into women somehow.)

    The similarity is something each of us wants and really wish for. Do remember this after your wedding.

    Do you know what it is?

    It is called “respect”.

    Each of us wants to be treated with dignity. We don’t want to be spat at and neither do we want our esteem to be tattered.

    All of us want to be treated with the utmost respect.

    And so do you, be it you are a man or woman reading this post.

    After posting this post, a reader emailed me that “wow, you can read a person inside out and won’t it be scary? Aren’t you manipulating other people’s feelings too?”

    I don’t think so. Neither do I see as a manipulation of feelings. I prefer to see it as a conscious effort to place my spouse’ position in all discussion.

    As the cliche says, put yourself in other people’s shoes. It is very true indeed.

    Those couples who are not conscious about what they say and not say (their non-verbal) are actually doing more harm.

    Let’s say you may be unaware that you are infact rebellious even though people see you as soft and easy-going. Part of your nature may be ready to retaliate, possibly because at home you never had the chance to in front of your authoritarian parents.

    So one day, your wife said something in a similar stern tone as what your dad did in the past to you as a little girl. Something in you is triggered and you barked them without hesistation and stormed off.
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