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Archive for April, 2007

Bridesmaids…a central of attention

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Wedding itself is not just whereby the bride completely steals the limelight.

There are some instances when bridesmaids took all the attention from the guests.

I think some brides are very kind such that they want to give the bridesmaids the best gowns.

They are careful with the dos and don’ts so as not to hurt the feelings of their friends.

There are other times that the bridesmaids know their boundary and try not to be ?prettier? than the brides. But sometimes, it does happen as some bridesmaids are naturally prettier than the bride, eevn if they put on simple make-up.

Even if so the bridesmaids naturally look more beautiful than the brides, some bridesmaids try not to stand too close to the brides so as not to compete attention.

Hmmm?then that defeats the purpose of having bridesmaids then.

Photographers also like the opportunity to take photos of pretty girls hanging around the wedding function.

They make excellent subject for photography.

Have you ever seen a photographer who only capture shots of brides?

Nope, I don’t think so. Photographers are always on the move for interesting and pretty subjects, and one of them is the bridesmaids.

Actually, here are 3 things bridesmaids can do before the wedding day:
1. Discuss what common color do they want to wear
2. Discuss the details of wedding day so as to delegate roles and responsibilities.
3. Assure the bride that she is the most beautiful lady on that day
4. Ask the bride what color is her gown.
5. Be natural and stay pretty.

3. Assure the bride that she is the most beautiful lady on that day

Here are some photos that I want to share with you.

brides maids
from jefflindsay.com

brides maids
from assyriaonline.com

brides maids
from pcfountains.com

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Wedding Gowns…how did you choose yours?

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There is a very wide range of wedding and evening gowns offered by Bridal Studios.

Brides to be are spoilt for choice of what to wear and choose.

There are many times that brides get really overwhelmed by the number of gowns they have to choose.

1 wedding gown, 1 evening gown, 1 tea-dress, 1 Chinese Kua are the norms of an ordinary pakage.

However, for brides who can afford to pay more, they may have up to 2 or even 4 wedding gowns and 3 evening gowns.

Some brides even order gowns from overseas and arranged to be delivered to Singapore.

I remembered I have one friend of mine is really rich and she could afford to get different items such as her shoes, gowns from European countries. These items were to be air-flown to Singapore.


Yes! Wedding is one in a life-time big event of one’s life. But it is just the beginning and for those brides who want more than what their budget allows, it is a wise decision to sit down and plan through how much they can spend on their gowns.

There are many times that an unwise decision was made in the spur of moment to get the gowns that they wanted to wear, and at the same time, they have blown their budgets.

So, one advice for ladies, as well as men out there, do include budgeting in the wedding planning and learn to do it together as it could benefit them by setting a foundation for them to learn to budget after their wedding…

and it is still a long long way to go…

wedding gown
from abeautifulbride.org

wedding gown
from pantilesbride.com

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Wedding Gown…Which one?

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If you are reading my blog for the first time, you could be quite amazed if you know that the author is a Guy. Yes, a guy!!!

Many friends who visted my blog thought that it was my wife who had been sharing her thoughts.

They were very surprised when I told them I’m the blogger.

Anyway, that is not important. What matter most is that you benfit from my post.

Back to the times I was in the Bridal Studio with my wife selecting her gowns.

I remembered we took pictures of all the wedding gowns she tried on using our mobile phones with cameras.

The photos were really useful when my mother-in-law or aunties wanted to take a look of how the gowns looked like.

In addition, we used it as reference when we wanted to see how it looked like again when we reached home. This was to make sure she made the best choice she could make at that point in time.

Moreover, we could use the photos for our wedding scrapbook which we had no time to do, even until now…

So, remember to take photos of yourself in the wedding gowns during selection:
1. For your reference
2. For showing to your eager parents or relatives
3. For making into a scrapbook
4. For remembrance

And here are some more photos of wedding gowns for your reference…remember the gown-selection tips I gave in the previous post about choosing of your wedding gown.

wedding gown
from divinecouture.com

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Wedding Gowns Selection

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I’m not going to describe how beautiful the gowns are. I think you can see for yourself.

Perhaps you may have different opinion.

Anyway, this post is about the gown selection process.

I remembered a female friend of mine told us that her boyfriend specifically mentioned to her NOT TO ask him along during gown selection.


Because it is a lengthy process.

Last year around this time, my wife went for her first selection phase.

Normally there are two phases.

The second one will be the trying of the altered pieces.

My wife took two days to find the gowns she really loved.

For the first time, it started at 6pm and ended at about 10pm.

She didn’t really see one that she really like.

On the second day, she went back to the Bridal Studio and stayed from 2pm till 8pm.

I was with her on two days after working hours.

For the ladies, the gown selection is a tedious process.

wedding gown
from wedlog.org

As much as they wanted to look perfect, at the same time, they may be seeking approval from others especially her husband-to-be.
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Wedding in Hong Kong

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Last year, one of my wife’s friends got married. Her wedding was in Hong Kong and another one in Canada.

She stays in Hong Kong and when she sent us her wedding photos, my head got blown off and I was speechless.

Can you imagine looking at phots of Cinderella or Snow White in their wedding photos?

Can you imagine fairies flying around and sprinkling some magic dust on you so that you can float too?

Her wedding photos were perfect. The feel is more towards a fairy tale theme.

In total, I think she had more than 10 gowns. In Singapore, we only had 3 gowns at most 4.

Of course there is no limit to the number of gowns you can have if your budget is bottomless.

Over there in Hong Kong, wedding photos were taken very differently. First of all, the designs of gowns in Hong Kong differs alot.

They have more designs and more themes. There are more themes, much much more. Their gowns look more of higher class and the fashion trend is more up-to date.

When I saw their wedding gowns, I got really disappointed in Sinagpore’s wedding gowns and their designs.

It makes me doubt the design of the best wedding gowns of local bridal studios.

I have heard of couples flying all the way to Hong Kong to take their wedding shots.

For those who can afford, they can order their gowns which can be delievered to Singapore.

hong kong wedding gown

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