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Wedding in Hong Kong

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Last year, one of my wife’s friends got married. Her wedding was in Hong Kong and another one in Canada.

She stays in Hong Kong and when she sent us her wedding photos, my head got blown off and I was speechless.

Can you imagine looking at phots of Cinderella or Snow White in their wedding photos?

Can you imagine fairies flying around and sprinkling some magic dust on you so that you can float too?

Her wedding photos were perfect. The feel is more towards a fairy tale theme.

In total, I think she had more than 10 gowns. In Singapore, we only had 3 gowns at most 4.

Of course there is no limit to the number of gowns you can have if your budget is bottomless.

Over there in Hong Kong, wedding photos were taken very differently. First of all, the designs of gowns in Hong Kong differs alot.

They have more designs and more themes. There are more themes, much much more. Their gowns look more of higher class and the fashion trend is more up-to date.

When I saw their wedding gowns, I got really disappointed in Sinagpore’s wedding gowns and their designs.

It makes me doubt the design of the best wedding gowns of local bridal studios.

I have heard of couples flying all the way to Hong Kong to take their wedding shots.

For those who can afford, they can order their gowns which can be delievered to Singapore.

hong kong wedding gown

hong kong wedding gown
from starstudio.hk

hong kong wedding gown
from julietbridal.com

hong kong wedding gown
from photography-fotografia.com

hong kong wedding gown
from chinabridal.com

hong kong wedding gown
from puffinity.com

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2 Responses to “Wedding in Hong Kong”

  1. 1
    LoveCoachSG Says:

    Hey JR, I love this post! Thanks for taking the effort to put up all these various photos with different themes and gowns. So nice… 🙂

    Yeah, HK is well-known for their versatility and variety, even in daily fashion. Walking along the streets can be an entire visual feast! I can only imagine how their wedding gowns will be, considering the good fashion sense most of them have.. ;p

  2. 2
    Kathsheep Says:

    Hi.. Jhong Ren, thanks for your compliment ^_^
    Compare to Hk & Canada, both wedding photos & gowns are way more prettier, cheaper & more varieties in Hong Kong. I took 2 wedding packages, thats why more gowns in my photos.

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