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Wedding Planning at a Budget

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Every bride and groom who have limited financial resources would need to cut corners while planning their wedding.

In fact, there are hundred and one things that you can either outsource to others or do it yourself.

Now then we know wedding planning can be outsource? Hmmmm…

Even though we wanted to fully plan our wedding by ourselves, the thing is as much as we want to, we have limited time and energy.

But again, I have seen many brides who did items by themselves.

Plus another big contributing factor to the big hole in your purse or pocket is the ability to be frugal, decisive and able to bargain.

Usually after the wedding, the couples would have used up all their savings or even in debt!!!

Many brides in fact take the 1st offer for wedding packages and bridal studio offers.

If they have read this book, they may do otherwise.

They did not know that if they bargain just enough, they can save another few hundred dollars to even a thousand dollar.

During my wedding planning, I did a lot of bargaining and I pushed my way through. I got another 5R wedding album for free. This album would have cost me another 200 dollars.

In addition, did I tell you I got 2 helpers room instead of one (worth $500) and free corkages for 40 bottles of wine (previously 15) and I saved another $300!!!

Wow, a saving of $1000!!!

While I was planning my wedding, I bought this wedding ebook on wedding planning.

At that time I was lost. Frantic for a solution, I bought this ebook and I’m glad I did.

Now I still do.

This book helps me save $500.

Initially, I went to bookstores to look for books on wedding planning at a budget. But it seemed to me that those books offer high-end services and products.

Perhaps, the importer thinks that all Singaporean are really rich.

So, spend your money wisely as wedding is just the first step to a life-time of marriage.

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