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Timing is Everything

Timing is Everything
Whether it’s the season, time of day, or just a good time to shop, considering timing can make a big difference in your budget. These are a few ways you can put time on your side to get a good deal.

Plan ahead: If you get started early, you’ll have the time and flexibility to shop sales, cut coupons, do-it-yourself and comparison shop.

Avoid party seasons: If you get married during prom, Christmas, or other party seasons, you’ll be competing with schools, corporations and other party planners for venues, caterers and more. The demand can drive up costs significantly.

Get married during the wintertime: You’ll have your choice of venues and the low demand for weddings in this season will help keep your costs down.

Get married on a Sunday: Again, a lower demand for Sunday weddings will help you cut costs across the board.

Morning wedding with brunch: A morning wedding calls for lighter food, which means you’ll spend less. You can also limit drinks to mimosas and screwdrivers.

Get married when the church is decorated for holidays: If you get married when your church is already decorated for holidays like Christmas and Easter, you’ll avoid having to pay for them yourself.

Avoid February: Valentine’s Day drives up the cost of flowers, diamonds and other wedding expenditures.

Buy white lights on sale after Christmas: If you’re planning on decorating with string lights, pick them up dirt cheap at after-Christmas sales.

Check out after-Valentine’s Day sales: You’ll be able to buy lots of candy favors, heart decorations and other wedding supplies at a fraction of the cost. This is especially beneficial if your wedding’s colors are pink or red.

Check out after-prom dress sales: You can save hundreds of dollars by buying your dress off the clearance rack.

Shop for white shoes around Easter: Buy white shoes around Easter to enjoy more availability and avoid bridal markup.

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