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34 Smashing Wedding Gowns Brands From Around The World

When it comes to your wedding day, the most special and important day of your life, you will want to look your best. There is no doubt that even if you have a limited budget, looking like a princess on the day you say, ?I do? will not only have you and your groom in tears, but every one of your guests too. Around the world there are couture and bridal designers whose job it is to make sure you look and feel amazing. The use of rich quality fabrics and intricate beadwork, lace detail and the perfect cut all make a wedding gown special. Below are 34 of the top bridal designers from around the world.

Wedding Gowns
photo from hollywood.loser

1. Vera Wang
Vera Wang is an iconic designer who has dressed most of the Hollywood A-list celebs. For your wedding day, it would be a stylish statement to wear a beautiful Vera Wang wedding gown. While they are not the cheapest around, they will certainly make you feel pampered and princess like on your special day.

Wedding Gowns

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37 Excellent Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Gown

Wedding Gown
photo from Photonut

When it comes to choosing a wedding gown for your big day, there are many factors that you will need to consider before choosing a dress or gown. Lots of aspects can change the way you look and you will have to decide before hand, what kind of image you want to create ? knockout gorgeous, sexy, romantic, casual, princess like, enchanting, vintage or totally unique. Below are some tips to help you decide how to choose the most important (?and probably most expensive) dress you will ever buy.

1. Style of Dress
The style of the dress is very important as it will set the tone for the entire wedding and will enhance the theme if you have chosen a specific one. You can get wonderful bridal gowns are have a vintage feel which are well suited for a 40?s or 20?s wedding and you can also get medieval style dresses, Victorian period bridal gowns and wonderful styles that resemble your heritage or a country that you love.
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17 Smashing Tips On Choosing Your Best Wedding Gowns

wedding gown
photo from vision_by_lisa

Wedding is a special occasion where the bride becomes the heroine and she is the star of the event. Wedding gown is undeniably a special attire that every women wishes to have in her wardrobe. As you will be the center of attraction in your wedding, you have to be careful in choosing your wedding gown such that it matches your style. The gown that you select should make you look extremely gorgeous and should fit you correctly.

You can enjoy your wedding only if you are comfortable in your wedding attire. Though you may find different styles of wedding gowns, you have to select the one that that suits you. Choosing the wedding gown is often a tough decision to make as every woman want to look great on their special day.

If you take some time and plan perfectly, you can arrive at the best wedding gown for yourself. Here are some tips for you that will help you to decide on your wedding gown:

1. Understand that the cost of the wedding gown does not determine your look. If you are able to spend time in choosing your wedding gown, then you can find an inexpensive gown that looks spectacular when you wear it. Your wedding budget is very important. Choose the gown that fits your budget. Splendid wedding gowns are available at different price ranges and you can choose the one you like that fits your budget. If you have a good budget for your wedding gown, you can get a designer to design a wedding gown exclusively for you. Designer celebrity gowns are often expensive but always try to strike a balance between the budget and the pattern of your wedding gown.
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8 Gorgeous Plus Size Wedding Gowns You Can Consider!

Plus size wedding gowns are readily available online as well as offline.

If you are considering getting your wedding gowns online, do remember to do these number of things. You do not wish to realise yoour gown can’t nicely fit you a day before your wedding day.

So how to measure?
(I got this from PlusSizeBirdal.com:

To ensure accurate measurements we suggest having a professional seamstress measure you. If you do not get a professional seamstress to take your measurements you should follow this guide to ensure proper fit.

Please Note: You should always have someone else take your measurements, physically measuring yourself will provide you with inaccurate numbers, so please have someone help you.

Wedding apparel is sized differently than ready to wear clothes. It is very important that you use this guide in conjunction with the size chart to help you determine your size in order to save time and money.

You will need to take your measurements in the undergarments you will be wearing with the wedding gown.

Be sure to stand up straight with your arms relaxed down by your side.

Go to PlusSizeBirdal.com to see their diagram of how to measure.)

I also did some Googling to find the top 8 wedding gowns sites that offer plus size wedding gowns.

Sydney Closet:
Plus Size Wedding Gowns
from sydneyscloset.com

Plus Size Wedding Gowns
from houseofbrides.com

Plus Size Wedding Gowns
from davincibridal.com

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7 Shopping Tips for “How To Choose A Plus Size Wedding Gowns?”

If you are a plus-sized lady and are worried if you can find your perfect wedding gown, not to worry.

There are so many choices out there in choosing a plus size wedding gown. Not to panic that you will have a very tough time deciding on the perfect wedding and evening dress that best fit you.

I always believe that every bride is unique in her own special ways and I’m sure that each bride will eventually find that very special wedding gown that make you look the way you deserve to look and show you off for the woman that you are.

Wedding gowns are readily available in various sizes, at bridal stores all over the world. Even if you can’t find the perfect wedding gown, you can always explore online bridal stores which may be able to deliver the gowns to your door step.

But first of all, let’s explore the local bridal boutiques which will most probably have plus size wedding gowns available. In terms of sizes, most of these wedding gowns are designed up to a size 14 or even a size 16.

So now you know you can find your wedding gown. But wait!
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