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7 Shopping Tips for “How To Choose A Plus Size Wedding Gowns?”

If you are a plus-sized lady and are worried if you can find your perfect wedding gown, not to worry.

There are so many choices out there in choosing a plus size wedding gown. Not to panic that you will have a very tough time deciding on the perfect wedding and evening dress that best fit you.

I always believe that every bride is unique in her own special ways and I’m sure that each bride will eventually find that very special wedding gown that make you look the way you deserve to look and show you off for the woman that you are.

Wedding gowns are readily available in various sizes, at bridal stores all over the world. Even if you can’t find the perfect wedding gown, you can always explore online bridal stores which may be able to deliver the gowns to your door step.

But first of all, let’s explore the local bridal boutiques which will most probably have plus size wedding gowns available. In terms of sizes, most of these wedding gowns are designed up to a size 14 or even a size 16.

So now you know you can find your wedding gown. But wait!

You need to know these 7 tips before you start your journey on searching for your wedding gown.

1. Before going to the bridal stores …
Before going to any of these bridal boutiques to check the sizes, a prior appointment should be taken, so that there is no last minute rush for a trial.

Moreover, the other advantage of calling ahead is to ensure that the stores offer plus size wedding gowns. When you are preparing for a wedding, every minute and even second is crucial. Don?t waste your time cruising through wedding gown shops that do not carry plus sizes, or do not customize special sizes of their designs.

Don?t be afraid to inquire about the extra fees they may charge for plus sizes. Ask all the questions you have in mind during your call.

2. When you first choose your wedding gowns …
It may take time to find the perfect dress and then you must allow more time for any alterations. Choose a plus size wedding gown that complement your shape and ensure that you can dance and move easily in the dress.

You have to feel absolutely comfortable wearing your wedding gown. There will be lots of movement and changing of position. You will be standing, sitting and dancing in your gown. If it is ill fitted or too tight, you?ll be worrying with your dress and not enjoying your day.

3. Choosing the ideal fabrics …
While choosing your gowns, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself.

Will the wedding be formal, semi-formal or casual? Will the gown you seek be for a winter or summer ceremony?

Choose the fabric appropriately. For cooler weather months, consider brocades, velvet or satin. For summer, go for light fabrics such as lace, chiffon or silk.

4. Choosing the gowns with friends …
Looking for a second opinion on the choice you made. Take a few good friends, who will also serve as advisors. They can give constructive feedbacks and suggestions on the type of gowns which will best suit you. Again, these are just secondary opinions. Make sure eventually you choose a gown which you feel comfortable wearing.

5. Choosing the gowns that you like …
Unsure of what type of plus size wedding gowns are available in the market? There are many magazines that help to choose a plus size wedding gown. There are also many online stores that show pictures of their plus size wedding gowns.

If you are thinking of placing an online order, make sure the exact measures have to be taken. Even though the proper measurements are specified, there are times when alterations need to be made.

After gathering information on the variety of plus size wedding gowns, another thing to focus is to select those gowns that hide the flaws of her figure while making her good points stand out.

These are what some experts suggest: Larger arms can also be camouflaged with short lacy sleeves. Puffy sleeves may be an option, but they should not bind the arms. Sleeveless, strapless or haltered gowns would not suit plus size women who usually have large upper arms. They should wear cap sleeves or opt for a lacy jacket with longer sleeves to wear over the gown.

6. Choosing plus size lingerie for wedding …
It is recommended that brides have separate lingerie to match their wedding gowns and to wear for their honeymoon. For plus size wedding gowns, it is best to focus on the functionality of the bridal lingerie. Department stores that offer plus-sized clothing should also have a selection of undergarments. The bridal lingerie should depend on the style of the wedding gown. One should look for undergarments that lend a good silhouette while being comfortable enough to wear for long hours.

7. Choosing wedding accessories …
Never put on more accessories that is required. make sure the accessories complement your wedding gown and dresses. Not the other way round.

Get simple, complimentary headpieces and jewelry which don?t distract the guests from you or the dress. And get your hair done before and take a few pictures with the gown on. Sometimes, you can seek advice from your hairstylist while wearing your wedding gown.

If you?re a plus size lady there is still a world of choices in plus size formal dresses.

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3 Responses to “7 Shopping Tips for “How To Choose A Plus Size Wedding Gowns?””

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    G. Mark @ Excessive Sweating Says:

    What a great and informative website you have here, must have been a lot of work to research all this information. I’m looking for dresses for my bridesmaids and found your tips in this post to be very helpful. Already picked out my dress but will definitely make good use of your tips.

  2. 2
    G. Mark @ Excessive Sweating Says:

    what a great and informative website you have here, it must have been a lot of work to research all this information. I was looking for tips on how to choose dresses for my bridesmaids when I found your site. I will definitely use your tips, I’ve already picked out my wedding dress though but wished I’d seen your site earlier.

  3. 3
    Kat @ Plus Size Evening Gowns Says:

    These are some really great tips. I’m going shopping for my wedding gown soon and was a little nervous to be honest because I’m a plus size lady. Your tips have given me some hope that I will be able to find something that will make me look as beautiful as every bride should be on their wedding day.

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