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6 Must-Know Tips On “How To Plan Weddings From Overseas?”

As couples get busier with their work and it is really hard to take leaves or off days from work to plan their weddings.

Personally, I feel that even if the couples are planning their weddings locally, there are million of things to note.

What’s more for couples who are stationed overseas in different parts of the world?

It is going to be more challenging for them, especially for couples who are separated in two different countries and their wedding is just in 6 months’ time or less.

Imagine having to coordinate and plan their wedding overseas.

So, what are the pains that they may go through?

Possibly different time zones and one of them may need to stay up at 4am just to discuss wedding matters. I can’t imagine myself having to discuss from 4am to 6am and needing to go for work at 7am.

Wow, I would have been even more emotionally and mentally drained if this went on for 12 months.

What about other problems?

In fact, it is really tough to visualise the exact settings and layouts of wedding venues and wedding decors.

Yes, we can see pictures emailed to us. However, those pictures are created solely for advertisements and they only show the best sides of everything.

Sometimes, things may turn out to be otherwise compared to what we see in the photos.

Thus, a visit to the actual venue or a look at the actual wedding decor is definitely better.

However for couples who really have no choice but to carry out their wedding plannings from overseas, they have to take note of 6 things if they do not want to have a big headache during their big day.

1. Wedding Helpers
Who is in your team of wedding helpers? Are they committed and responsive? You can ask help from your siblings who may know you better than anyone else see through the wedding planning process. Also, ask someone who is responsible and reliable to head the team of helpers in your wedding so he or she will help to make sure every detail is looked into.

2. Wedding Finance
Sometimes you may overspend that what you have budgeted. It is difficult to keep all your expenditure in check, especially you are overseas. Plus, who can you rely to help you pay the deposit and any miscellaneous expenses. Get a family member such as your mother or father to help pay first.

So who to settle the payment, if any?

Never give a friend access to your bank account even if it is a very close friend. Most of the times, when money matters such as overspending or loss of money arise, the friendship will be at stake.

3. Wedding Gowns
Never settle the size and color of the wedding gowns over email or phone. As the bride, you need to try the wedding gowns in the bridal studio and see for yourself which gown really suit you. Moreover, you need to alter the gown to suit your body exactly. Make sure you set aside a few separate days to fly back to your country to do that. One day may be for the wedding gown selection. The other day may be for the final fitting a few weeks before your big day.

4. Wedding Planners
Do you really need a wedding planner? Sometimes, some couples just couldn’t find or trust anyone to help plan their weddings while they are in overseas. If this is what you think, you can consider getting wedding planners.

Again, don’t just settle for any planner who you find while surfing the net or while looking through the advertisements in bridal magazines. Ask for recommendations from friends or colleagues who have used their service before.

5. Wedding Venue
As I have mentioned, don’t just make your choice of your wedding venues just by looking at their websites. Those beautiful pictures are deceiving. Always make a point to personally visit these venues and talk to their staff to give yourself a sense of their level of service.

6. Wedding Stress Level
Most of the times, planning a wedding can bring about high degree of stress. The stress can be so great that some brides called off their weddings because they can’t stand it any more!

You can avoid this by first, being aware of your stress level. Second is to manage your own expectations. If you are relying your friends to help you plan your wedding, don’t expect them to plan your ideal wedding. There will be bound to be glitches here and there.

It is also tough to communicate your plans and thoughts over thousand of miles. There will bound to be miscommunication and misunderstanding. Accept such things will happen and don’t blow at each other for not being able to see the whole picture. Learn to re-explain if need to be. And be committed to have your wedding no matter what happens.

Follow these 6 tips on wedding planning and you are well on your way to have less problems on your wedding day.

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