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3 Simple Tips On How to Choose Men’s Wedding Rings

For years, when an announcement of an engagement or wedding has been made, the focus of curiosity had always been directed to the bride’s wedding ring. This is because of the notion that the bride’s wedding ring is the one that is studded with different gems and has intricate and wonderful design, while the groom’s is just a simple band. Typically, men’s wedding rings are just bands made out of different materials without any gems or other intricacies. However, these simple bands have started to become more stylish and sophisticated while retaining the manly appeal. The following are three simple tips and considerations to help you in choosing men’s wedding rings or engagement rings.

Can you wear it while working?
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5 Reasons You Must Fire Your Wedding Planner!

wedding planner
from baliwwwdotcom

You trusted your wedding planner and gave her the authority to decide your wedding matter and plan everything for your wedding.

However, it reaches a tipping point that you felt really uneasy and something about your wedding is not right.

The wedding planner kept on postponing her appointment with you (and this is not the first time!), she forgot to update you on certain important matters (and you know she should have done so), she couldn’t remember what was your choice of flowers even after you had told her umpteen times.

The list goes on and on. The frustration in you increases day by day.

Is now the right time to fire your wedding planner?
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Email Interview WeddingActs.com


I had the chance to interview Merdin Yeoh, the Executive Coordinator of WeddingActs.com.

1) Can you give me an introduction of yourself, when and how did you start out and what is your wedding site & business about?

Wedding Acts was first started in 2002, single-handedly by our Executive Consultant – Jonathan Goh, and has since gained a strong foothold in this niche industry. Previously from the residential property project management, Jonathan has experienced working with some of Singapore’s renowned architects, which developed his strong flair for creative theme weddings and venue decorations, with great aesthetic beauty.
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Why Use A Wedding Planner To Organise Your Wedding Day

wedding glam
photo from GlamLive

This article is brought to you by David Thurston.

About the Author

David Thurston owns and writes for EssexWeddingServices.com – a regional wedding services website that lists a wide range of Essex based wedding services.

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With thousands of weddings occurring every single month in the UK, and average wedding day costs well into 5 figure sums, surely there is the need for professional wedding planners to help organise your wedding day, isn’t there?

Surely the bride wants to plan her wedding day herself, right down to the very last kiss goodbye at the end of the night? We look at whether to plan your own wedding day, or just sit back and let someone else take the stress.

Planning your own wedding

Some brides have been planning their wedding day from the first time they were a bridesmaid aged 6! Others start planning minutes after the proposal! I even know someone who went out and bought her wedding dress the morning after the proposal, but why not?
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Nightmare Rescue! – 26 Tips To Look Out For When You’re Hiring Your Wedding Planner!

wedding planners
photo from R.B. Boyer

While planning a wedding, you need to get whatever help you can get.

They can be your siblings, your friends, your relatives, your mother-in-law, your father-in-law and so on.

You need to brief them exactly what kind of help you need and exactly how they can go about doing it. Print out the tasks and instructions even if you need to make things simpler for them.

Don’t assume they know what is in your mind as they are just like you – planning wedding for the first time.

Alternatively, to make your wedding planning life really easy and enjoyable, you can hire a professional wedding planner and here 26 tips to look out for when you’re hiring your wedding planner!

1. I feel a professional wedding coordinator should have been certified that he or she is qualified to be a plannner. They will have taken a wedding coordinator or consultant or planner course and have a certificate to show for it. To check the validity, you can even call up the education institute to enquire.
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