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4 Ways On How You Should Choose Your Wedding Planner!

I was in Hong Kong for about 7 days and met up with one of my wife’s friends, who may be getting married next year or so.

It is really common for couples in Hong Kong to engage wedding planners to help plan their weddings.

It is of no surprise to me as wedding planning service is getting more and more common nowadays especially when both brides and grooms are working and it really take discipline to carfully manage their own wedding.

My wife’s friend, G told us that in Hong Kong, it may cost up to S$30,000 (at least!) to have their wedding. And friends around them often engage wedding planners.

Thus, it appears normal and common sensical to them to engage one too.

I’m not sure how reliable wedding planners are, especially I have heard stories of some wedding planners who screw up weddings rather than making them a success.
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Do You Really Need a Wedding Planner?

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I was in the cab a moment ago with my cousin and we were discussing if a soon-to-wed couples need a wedding planner.

I personally feel “yes” and “no”.

Why “yes”?

1. If you feel you are completely straped off all your time due to work or socialisation and you are dead-tired when you reached home, I feel you do not only should, but must get a wedding planner.

2. Some wedding couples are not into organing anything for themselves. They feel that they are much better off delegating these “impossible” tasks to someone more professional. Then, they can engage a wedding planner to avoid bring unnecessary pain upon themselves.
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