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Do You Really Need a Wedding Planner?

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I was in the cab a moment ago with my cousin and we were discussing if a soon-to-wed couples need a wedding planner.

I personally feel “yes” and “no”.

Why “yes”?

1. If you feel you are completely straped off all your time due to work or socialisation and you are dead-tired when you reached home, I feel you do not only should, but must get a wedding planner.

2. Some wedding couples are not into organing anything for themselves. They feel that they are much better off delegating these “impossible” tasks to someone more professional. Then, they can engage a wedding planner to avoid bring unnecessary pain upon themselves.

3. I know some wedding couples have the extra cash to spare and they don’t mind engaging a wedding planner. By all means, they should go ahead and engage one. Anyway, they have extra money to pay fot the expenses of hiring a wedding planner.

Why “no”?

1. I feel planning the wedding though is never a smooth ride, does somehow provide opportunity for the couples to further understand how each other behave and work.

This gives them a better background of the person they are marrying for life.

For example, when I was preparing my wedding and discussing the wedding details with my wife, I do understand her preference, her likes and dislikes.

What do I do with this info?

Lets say, she is someone who dislikes the color orange. I will make it an effort in choosing wedding favors that aren’t orangein color or not buying any orange-looking birthday gifts in the future.

Or let’s say my wife realised that I need more time to think over before making any important decision. It makes me feel good when she verbalised that she will give me more time to think over certain things that matter to us alot.

2. Don’t engage a wedding planner when you know you can’t afford one.

Don’t burn a bigger hole in your pocket if you know that the hole is already quite big and you are getting more and more frustrated as you see your saving accounts dwindling.

I know wedding planning can bring alot of hassle and frustration to you and your fiance. I must say that wedding planning is definitely a hair-pulling experience for us.

But when I come to recall of our experience, it is kinda of fun and we couldn’t believe how did we go through these ups and downs.

And having learnt more about our spouses, it certainly helps alot in our relationship and bonding in our marriage life.

Thus, it is good to come together to discuss as a couple to see if both of you need a wedding planner. If wanting to avoid the pain of planning something is the reason is to engage one, then my suggestion is don’t get married at all.

Because marriage means the joint of two persons and dicussing and planning your llives after marriage is going to be a daily affair.

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One Response to “Do You Really Need a Wedding Planner?”

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    Cheryl Leong Says:

    I totally agree that this depends on the couple themself. If they are very into the wedding details and enjoy it, they can fo it themself. Just look it up in the internet on what needs to be done. I personaly planned my own weddings from A to Z in 2 locations, KL and Sabah. A bit tedious but I love every moment of it plus I have the time to do it.

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