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Bridesmaids Dresses

turquoise wedding gown

from static.zoovy.com

I have a wedding-related email enquiry on what kind of bridesmaids dresses to wear.

This lady is about 1.57cm tall with fair/ yellowish skin tone with a weight of between 45 to 50kg.

Her sister-in-law is going to wear a turquoise evening dress and this reader is quite confused about what to wear during the wedding dinner.

I supposed this type of confusion is common among the many bridesmaids who are helping out. There are some who want to have a share of the limelight while others just want to help out.

I have come across bridesmaids who want to manipulate what to be worn on the wedding night. However, such cases are rare.

I went to Google search “turquoise wedding gown” and I have found some wedding photos. I am trying to understand how does one look like so that I can be clearer in what my reader wants.

So, these are the wedding gowns’ photos I found.

turquoise wedding gown

from links2love.com

turquoise wedding gown

from bridalstudio.co.nz

turquoise wedding gown

from cbslimited.com

I will be sharing based on what I know as a wedding blogger and I want to stress again that I am not an expert. I have some help from my readers who offer their experience and expertise.

For a start, I even discuss with my wife who gave some suggestions what this lady may like to try out.

She gave some simple guidelines that high heels be worn and the length of the skirt does only reach till knee cap.

pink bridesmaids gownpink bridesmaids gown

bridesmaids gownbridesmaids gown

from therosedress.com

For how I see it ( as a guy ), I would like to suggest that you wear high heels shoes that are suitable for you as there will be many walking around or even running for the bridesmaids.

bridesmaids gown shoes

bridesmaids gown shoes

bridesmaids gown shoes

from therosedress.com

Bridesmaids roles are many and dependant on what the brides have given.

Some need to carry the brides’ personal belongings, others are ushers just before the wedding dinner. Some bridesmaids are delegated the task of providing an extra hand during the changing of gowns for the brides.

The focus on attention should fall on the bride and as much as the bridesmaids want to look fantastic on that night too, we have to remember to keep ourselves simple and elegant.

Ask your bridesmaids if there is a common wedding theme. In addition, check out with the brides if she has any preference of the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Do check with her first as it is still her show that night.

If she has no idea, then get the other bridesmaids together and discuss if all of you can wear what you want or want something of similar color but of different design.

At this point in time, I can’t tell you what you should or should not wear. However, I can provide you with the “how” you can reach a better decision.

1. Take a look at your closet and ask yourself which are the clothes you look good in
2. Take a walk in shopping centres such as Isetan, Takashimaya and try on any cloth you like.
3. Bring along a few friends who know you well and can give constructive feedbacks.
4. Once you spot on some designs you like, snap it with your camera and bring the photos back for reference
5. If you want to have one that is made-to-measure, show the photos to the seamstress
6. Dp check out the past works and designs done by the seamstress before passing the order to her.
7. Do check out more seamstresses’ designs and you can get more contacts from the bridal studio that your sister-in-law got her bridal package from. I’m sure they can recommend at least one.

These are the other wedding dresses resources that you can go the dessy shop and the rose dress

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3 Responses to “Bridesmaids Dresses”

  1. 1
    Eric Says:

    I’ve been to a few weddings where guidelines are given by the bride to the bridesmaids. Basically they get a general style and a specific color, and are free to get whatever kind of dress they want. Of course the Bride has the final approval…

  2. 2
    Cheryl Leong Says:

    Well, since the reader is consider petite, she have alot of choices but she will look lovely in her wedding gown for the wedding dinner. A walk into the dinner in her own wedding gown will give the WOW effect. Hence, there’s no fear of over shadowed by the sister or bridesmaid. Later on, she can choose a gown that show her best features. that’s what my experiece for being a bride and bridesmaid for my friends.

  3. 3
    Ann Says:

    Hi, Do you know which website you got the first turquoise dress picture from? I absolutely love this dress!
    THNX, Ann

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