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Archive for September, 2007

1 Tip You Ever Need to Survive with Your Mother-In-Law

I had my dinner with mother-in-law and the whole of the family.

It was a touching moment and I was really glad the whole unhappy episode had drawn to a closure.

It was not easy to encourage my significant other to make a consistent effort to dine with her family.

It took a lot of nagging and gentle reminder.

However, I must say that the whole effort was paid off and we had a very wonderful dinner.

We had long chat over the sumptuous meals of prawns, sotong and other sea-food.

Again, the quality of the food didn’t really matter. It was the quality of the time spent.

Though it was just 3 hours of dinner time and catching up, I found it the most well-spent for the past few years.
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Maggie Sottero Wedding Gowns

As a guy, I may not know much about wedding gowns. However, I had always remembered how one of my wife’s friends taught us that the gown has to have that kind of “Wow” effect when the bride first looks at herself in the mirror.

I was surfing the web and randomly picking out branded wedding gowns available in the market.

This is one of the rare sites that make me “wow” too.

The brand is “Maggie Sottero” and from its website, it mentioned it as one of the most recognized bridal gown manufacturers around the globe.

In fact the wedding gowns are really beautiful and you may want to take a look at their website.

Maggie Sottero Wedding Gowns

Maggie Sottero Wedding Gowns

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Wedding Bridal Show in Singapore

I have a blogger friend, Qiqi who is a model. She has kindly allowed me to showcase her photos in her wedding gowns.

In fact, it is not her wedding. She is just doing a show for a bridal shop. The wedding gowns she is wearing is from this Bridal boutique called Yvonne.

You can visit her beautiful blog.

Here are some of her photos.

yvonne bridal wedding gown

yvonne bridal wedding gown

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What is A Vintage Wedding Dress?

After posting more and more posts on different wedding gowns such as champagne wedding gowns, I decided to learn more about other wedding gowns available in the market.

I have always been puzzled over this term “vintage wedding dress”.

What does it really mean?

Is the dress old and ugly? Or is it out-dated and alien?

I did some research online and it seemed to me that if you are some usual bride with extraordinary taste, you may want to consider vintage wedding gowns.

Why is it so?

First of all, it is not going to be another similar wedding gown as your friend.

The second reason is its embroidery and fine worksmanship. I am sure if you really like your gown, you are going to fall in love with it too.

And again, the wedding gown is yours to design. Sometimes adding both conventional and vintage taste is going to create the wedding gown of your dream.

So “vintage” doesn’t necessary means “outdated” or “old”.

If you are seriously considering such wedding gowns, you can read this article on “The Rules for Shopping for (and Finding!) a Vintage Wedding Dress“.

And here are some photos of vintage wedding gowns. Happy Viewing! >.<

vintage wedding gowns

from henryroth.com

vintage wedding gowns

from thebridalwearcompany.co.uk

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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress: The Basics

As I was surfing the net for useful wedding info, I chance upon this website called confetti.co.uk.

wedding website

So far, I think no other wedding sites that I know of is as informative and useful as this.

They have wedding articles from “Choosing your bridesmaids dresses” to “So you’re pregnant“.

I have pasted one of their articles which is about choosing the perfect wedding dress and I hope it will be useful for you.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress: The Basics

Find the bridal gown to suit your figure

When you imagine your perfect wedding day, do you see a realistic image of yourself?

We all want to look our most gorgeous for the big day — glowing, beautiful and with the body of a Hollywood starlet, after months of unwavering dieting and rigorous exercise. But when the daydream fades, we know that most of us don’t look much like the celebrity icons of glossy magazines.

Worried? Don’t be. Beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes, and the best way to look your best is not to conjure up a picture of someone you?re not, but to concentrate on the real image of yourself. Just aim to look like you — only even more fantastic.

First things first
When thinking about the image you want to create on your wedding day, start from the familiar. Think about what you normally wear, your favourite colours, where the ceremony’s taking place, and the tone you’re aiming for — traditional, avant-garde or relaxed. Once you have a clear idea of these elements in your mind, you can start applying them to your wedding outfit.

If your body or choice of ceremony isn’t right for a white puffy dress, don’t feel you have to go for it just because of the traditional image of a bride. Having said that, it?s usually a good rule to try on a variety of different styles, even those you think you will hate. Often brides who were convinced they are the minimalist type fall in love with a princess ball gown, and wannabe-Cinderellas find they are actually more of a streamlined kind of girl.

Colour counts
Another tip to help you decide on a wedding look that’s right for you is to think about colour, especially if you have a fuller figure. The days of virginal brides in obligatory fairy-tale white are long gone. Far better to go for a dress made in your favourite colour or in one that makes your skin glow. Do, however, bear in mind that if you’re going for a very bright colour, you should keep the detail on the dress to an absolute minimum.
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