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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress: The Basics

As I was surfing the net for useful wedding info, I chance upon this website called confetti.co.uk.

wedding website

So far, I think no other wedding sites that I know of is as informative and useful as this.

They have wedding articles from “Choosing your bridesmaids dresses” to “So you’re pregnant“.

I have pasted one of their articles which is about choosing the perfect wedding dress and I hope it will be useful for you.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress: The Basics

Find the bridal gown to suit your figure

When you imagine your perfect wedding day, do you see a realistic image of yourself?

We all want to look our most gorgeous for the big day — glowing, beautiful and with the body of a Hollywood starlet, after months of unwavering dieting and rigorous exercise. But when the daydream fades, we know that most of us don’t look much like the celebrity icons of glossy magazines.

Worried? Don’t be. Beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes, and the best way to look your best is not to conjure up a picture of someone you?re not, but to concentrate on the real image of yourself. Just aim to look like you — only even more fantastic.

First things first
When thinking about the image you want to create on your wedding day, start from the familiar. Think about what you normally wear, your favourite colours, where the ceremony’s taking place, and the tone you’re aiming for — traditional, avant-garde or relaxed. Once you have a clear idea of these elements in your mind, you can start applying them to your wedding outfit.

If your body or choice of ceremony isn’t right for a white puffy dress, don’t feel you have to go for it just because of the traditional image of a bride. Having said that, it?s usually a good rule to try on a variety of different styles, even those you think you will hate. Often brides who were convinced they are the minimalist type fall in love with a princess ball gown, and wannabe-Cinderellas find they are actually more of a streamlined kind of girl.

Colour counts
Another tip to help you decide on a wedding look that’s right for you is to think about colour, especially if you have a fuller figure. The days of virginal brides in obligatory fairy-tale white are long gone. Far better to go for a dress made in your favourite colour or in one that makes your skin glow. Do, however, bear in mind that if you’re going for a very bright colour, you should keep the detail on the dress to an absolute minimum.

In the detail
Beadwork has been much in vogue and can transform a relatively plain dress into a stunning bridal gown that will turn heads. Also popular are floral prints and embroidered detail on select areas of a dress which can add a bit of colour to you outfit, or draw attention to a particular area of the anatomy.

A dress for every body
Think about your body shape when you choose your dress.

Find the bridal gown to suit your figure

If your shape tends to the tall and thin…
…you could choose a ballgown with a strapless, fitted bodice. However, if you feel your shoulders are too bony or that your collarbone protrudes too much, go for a long fitted dress, perhaps with a high neckline. You may feel that you are too thin for this style, but your height and leanness could actually be nicely set off with some lovely delicate detailed embroidery or beading.

If you are short with a fuller, feminine figure…
…try an empire line dress. The beauty of this style is that it has a seam under the bustline and then just flows down. In the right fabric, the dress will not sit to your body, but will flow around it. Although a knee-length dress could work for you too, this longer shape will give you a nice tall silhouette.

Sleeves are an option, depending on how you feel about your arms. If you do opt for sleeves, go for long and narrow and not too tight. If you hair is piled high on your head, this will give you more height, but do not go for this hairstyle if you face is too round.

If you have a very full bust…
…draw attention away from it by having a long bodice, as with the basque style and full skirt. Dresses which use the natural waistline, on the other hand, will draw attention to the bust area. Make sure your bodice area is very plain and avoid low necklines. If you are really keen on detail, save it for the bottom area of the skirt.

If you have full or wide hips…
…avoid a bustle, peplum or anything tiered. Make sure your dress doesn’t fit too tightly over the hip area. The princess style, which is fitted on top and then flares slightly to the hem, will hide larger hips by creating a slight triangle to the lower half of your body. Even the ballgown look, in quite a simple material, will draw attention away for the hips. The empire line will work too if your bust is a bit smaller, but could end up downplaying your waist and stomach area.

If you have wide shoulders…
…consider narrowing your look with wide straps, or cover them completely and draw the focus to a V-neckline. It’s important to show some skin around this area, but if need be, you can soften the effect by wearing a sheer wrap around your shoulders. Make sure you stay away from puffed sleeves.

If your legs are short or on the heavy side…
… it’s a good idea to opt for a long dress. Give yourself more height with a sheath style, which is straight, but not too body-hugging.

If your arms are on the short side…
…three-quarter-length sleeves will help to make them look longer, but whatever you do, do not go sleeveless.

If your arms are chubby…
…go for long simple sleeves which are not skin tight.

For more wedding related articles, please visit their website.

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