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Archive for October, 2008

Love Letters For Your Wife

from joaoalmeida

Yesterday was one of the most important moments in my life, beside my wedding day. I attended a Dale Carnegie course. It covers on topics such as stress management to conflict resolution. The best thing is the common principles can be applied both in work and home.

On the last day of this Dale Carnegie class, we had to bring along friend. And I brought along my best friend and soul mate – my wife.

In fact, I wanted to write a blog post to thank my wife for being present. I think I should take a break from writing about wedding gowns or wedding hairstyles and I am just thinking it has been quite a while I wrote a love letter for her. This gives me a brigt idea to label this post as “Love Letters for Your Wife”

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Amanda Lee Weddings; for a Day That is Uniquely You

There are many reputable wedding boutiques in Singapore and Romance-Fire team is proud to review some of the very popular ones so that our readers (the brides and grooms) can have a better understanding of these boutiques. We really hope our readers can really benefit from our wedding blog content.

For the next 10 weeks, we are reviewing the following boutiques:

1. Amanda Lee Weddings
2. D?sire
3. Slhouette the Atelier
4. Tan Yoong
5. La Belle Couture
6. Sattine Bridal Couture
7. Di Gio Bridal
8. Golden Horse Awards
9. Ted Wu
10. Z Wedding

Start of the review.

1. Amanda Lee Weddings

Amanda Lee Weddings

So you said ?Yes!? Congratulations! Now it?s time to plan your wedding. Of course you, the bride, are the single most important ornament of the occasion. You will be the one that draws every eye in the room. You will need to have a gown that will hold their attention and that your groom and guests will never forget. This is your day, and it should be all about you.

The wedding gown you choose will speak for who you are, how you feel, where you are in life and where you want to go. Will you choose your gown off the rack or will you choose a designer who will make your gown. Amanda Lee is the owner and designer of the gowns for Amanda Lee Weddings in Singapore. Amanda has two boutiques, one at 17 Cantonment Road and the other at 402 Orchard Road. To visit either studio you will feel as if you?ve walked into a dream. The floors are marbled and the lighting is soft. But the only thing you will see are the absolutely gorgeous gowns.

What can Amanda Lee do for me?
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Email Interview WeddingActs.com


I had the chance to interview Merdin Yeoh, the Executive Coordinator of WeddingActs.com.

1) Can you give me an introduction of yourself, when and how did you start out and what is your wedding site & business about?

Wedding Acts was first started in 2002, single-handedly by our Executive Consultant – Jonathan Goh, and has since gained a strong foothold in this niche industry. Previously from the residential property project management, Jonathan has experienced working with some of Singapore’s renowned architects, which developed his strong flair for creative theme weddings and venue decorations, with great aesthetic beauty.
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Email Interview EspoirBridal.com


I had the chance to interview Dave Koh, founder, executive producer and chief photographer of EspoirBridal.com.

Here is the email interview:

1) Can you give me an introduction of yourself, when and how did you startout and what is your wedding site & business about?

I am Dave Koh, founder, executive producer and chief photographer of Espoir Bridal. Espoir means hope in French. My company provides photography, videography and printing services not only for weddings, but also major corporate clients.
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