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Amanda Lee Weddings; for a Day That is Uniquely You

There are many reputable wedding boutiques in Singapore and Romance-Fire team is proud to review some of the very popular ones so that our readers (the brides and grooms) can have a better understanding of these boutiques. We really hope our readers can really benefit from our wedding blog content.

For the next 10 weeks, we are reviewing the following boutiques:

1. Amanda Lee Weddings
2. D?sire
3. Slhouette the Atelier
4. Tan Yoong
5. La Belle Couture
6. Sattine Bridal Couture
7. Di Gio Bridal
8. Golden Horse Awards
9. Ted Wu
10. Z Wedding

Start of the review.

1. Amanda Lee Weddings

Amanda Lee Weddings

So you said ?Yes!? Congratulations! Now it?s time to plan your wedding. Of course you, the bride, are the single most important ornament of the occasion. You will be the one that draws every eye in the room. You will need to have a gown that will hold their attention and that your groom and guests will never forget. This is your day, and it should be all about you.

The wedding gown you choose will speak for who you are, how you feel, where you are in life and where you want to go. Will you choose your gown off the rack or will you choose a designer who will make your gown. Amanda Lee is the owner and designer of the gowns for Amanda Lee Weddings in Singapore. Amanda has two boutiques, one at 17 Cantonment Road and the other at 402 Orchard Road. To visit either studio you will feel as if you?ve walked into a dream. The floors are marbled and the lighting is soft. But the only thing you will see are the absolutely gorgeous gowns.

What can Amanda Lee do for me?

Amanda Lee puts modern style and daring sophistication into weddings. Her gowns offer something that most other wedding gowns don?t dare, color. Just as each bride is touched with a personality of her own, Amanda Lee?s gowns are touched with personality in the form of color. The style is as individual as the concept and the gowns are made to compliment the beautiful form of every woman who wears them. If you want smart style and are daring enough to be a bride with a personality all her own, then Amanda Lee Weddings is the place you want to begin your search for the perfect wedding gown.

Gowns designed by Amanda Lee are beautiful combinations of fabrics and touches of color to match the bride?s personality. Amanda will actually talk with you and ask questions to discover your unique personality and design a gown that is a perfect match with your personality and style. She will suggest a gown that will match your body style for the best fit and most beautiful look. Amanda Lee feels that a touch of color in a wedding gown will make you look bright and happy. The beads and appliques that are added to the gown might be reminiscent of something that is special in your life. You won?t find a gown designer that is more in tune to who you are than Amanda Lee.

An Amanda Lee gown will feel as if it was magically added to your body by your fairy godmother. The fabrics are exquisite and selected with you in mind because Amanda waits until she gets to know you and then shops for the perfect fabrics. She is well known for putting different fabrics together to create a unique look and feel to every gown she designs. Amanda Lee gowns are typically lightweight and form fitting and very easy to move in. You won?t feel as if you will rip the dress when you breathe.

* * *

A Complete Wedding Package

Amanda Lee Weddings can put together a complete wedding package for you if that is your wish. The entire package will be designed around your perfect Amanda Lee wedding gown. You can include in your package the groom?s tuxedo, your evening gown for the reception, which can be made to resemble your wedding gown, bride?s maid?s gowns, and flowers. You will even have an attendant at your wedding to help with your make-up and hair to ensure the perfect look for the most important day of your life.

Who is Amanda Lee?

Amanda Lee received her education in fashion design and merchandising first from the LaSalle SIA College of the Arts and then in the United States. She then went back to Singapore and after attending some weddings and formal events, Amanda realized that the world was ready for a change from the traditional style, single color gown. She set out to give the world a new view on what a beautiful gown can be by adding color and texture to them. This has been very well received and people from all over the world now come to Singapore for the express purpose of having an Amanda Lee design created for their special day.

And then Came the Second Location

With the opening of Amanda Lee Wedding?s second boutique came the addition of senior designer Miah Tay. Miah also graduated from LaSalle and has eight years of wedding design experience. He adds a new uniqueness to Amanda Lee Weddings with his ability to mix traditional elegance with flirty, flamboyant design for a gown sure to turn heads. The personality of Miah?s designs speak to the guests, telling them a story about a bride who is outgoing and individual yet ready to take on the world with her new partner. Miah likes to work with feathers and is somehow able to incorporate them into some of his designs in a way that you would never have imagined, adding elegance and style. Clients who have worked with Miah can?t seem to say enough about how wonderful and easy he is to work with, and how much he truly cares about making your wedding day the absolute best experience possible.

* * *

Where can the Collections Be Viewed?

Some of the Amanda Lee collections can be seen at the Amanda Lee Weddings website, and include the beautiful Avant Garde collection. Avant Garde is defined as being an advanced group in an artistic field characterized by unorthodox and experimental methods. This is exactly what Amanda Lee?s Avant Garde collection entails. The gowns are a beautiful combination of fabrics and laces, even ruffles, with an elegant, almost turn of the century feel to them while at the same time looking new and up to date. It takes a special designer to pull this off, and Amanda Lee is that person.

The 2007 Collection consists of some more traditionally styled wedding gowns but with untraditional additions of colors and blends of fabrics making them unique. And then there are the ultra-modern styles of the 2007 Collection that are simply breathtaking. Amanda asks her brides to collect some pictures of gowns that they like and she takes is able to then see what kinds of details the bride is looking for in her gown. Amanda then is able to design a gown that incorporates all the details into a perfect gown that is current yet ageless in style. This is reminiscent of the 2007 Collection.

Amanda Lee?s latest collection is The Victorian Chic collection, which was showcased at the Shangri-La Hotel & The Wedding Entourage event. This collection caught the attention of everyone in attendance with its bold, non-traditional turn on the Victorian era. The Victorian Chic collection was the talk of the guests as well as other wedding planners and designers at the show. This absolutely unique and colorful collection is sure to be a head turner for you as well.

These collections are just a hint of what Amanda Lee Weddings can do for you. They will give you an idea of the style and flair that only Amanda Lee can achieve. If you don?t want to look like every other bride, add a little color and some different fabrics to a perfect style that was made just for you. Take a look at these collections and learn more about Amanda Lee Weddings at www.amandaleeweddings.com

* * *

I want an Amanda Lee Design?Now What?

Once you are convinced that you absolutely must have an Amanda Lee design, you can call and make your appointment. If you want to have a perfect wedding, and I know you do, then it is well worth the trip to Singapore to work with Amanda Lee Weddings.

If you are looking for a wedding gown that fits your personality and lifestyle and is as trend-setting as you are, you are not likely to find it on a rack. You are going to have to have it designed especially for you. There is no designer who can match Amanda Lee Weddings in achieving this effect. With Amanda Lee and Miah Tay designing your gown your wedding is going to be nothing less than perfectly you. And isn?t that what your wedding is all about?

Call Amanda Lee at +65-6333-6678 and tell them that Romance-Fire.com sent you.

That?s the end of the review.


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