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Email Interview DevotionBeautique.com


I had the chance to interview Karen Goh, the owner of Devotion Beautique.

Here is the email interview:

1) Can you give me an introduction of yourself, when and how did you start out and what is your wedding site & business about?

I am the owner and main beauty consultant of both Devotion Beautique and Personage Image Consultants in Singapore. Devotion Beautique was founded in 1995 to provide personalized comprehensive beauty and skin treatment consultation. In July 2003, I created Personage Image Consultants and offer professional image and personal enhancement consultation.
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Temperamental Skin Conditions

skin spa
photo from shadphotos

This a short article contributed by one of my friends, Gwen.


Do you know? Your skin condition can change with the weather.

So if you are going on a honeymoon anywhere outside your region, do check out the weather conditions so as to look for the suitable skincare products.

If you stay in regions where there is sunshine all year round, you would have the tendency to have skin that is dry on the outside oily from the inside. Dry because the sun evaporates the moisture from the surface of the skin. Oily because the skin is trying to replenish the moisture lost and diet. You will see fine lines on the skin and a couple of pimples.

Whereas if you reside in cold weathered countries, you might have skin which are delicate (you can see the capillaries on the skin) because there is a lack of moisture in the air. And there is a likelihood of dryness in the form of flaky skin surface (dead skin). If you get into the sun for too long you can get sunburnt easily.

A must-have is the correct moisturizer because a drastic change in the weather climate will affect your skin?s health. If you are travelling to Europe in Nov/Dec, prepare a bottle of moisturizer in a cream form (thicker texture and with more emollient). On the contrary, it would help if you have a lighter form of moisturizer probably with sunblock if you are travelling to Asia because of the humid weather.

Treat Yourself Well Ladies

bride toe spa
photo from montree_varietyart

This a short article contributed by one of my friends, Gwen.


Feel that your life is getting so messed up with the wedding plans, work and family? Lighten up your life with these quick and simple ways!

5 Ways On How to clean up your life from top to toe:

1. Trim your hair regularly and use a suitable shampoo. We should have the moisture ?shine? and not the ?oily? shine on our hair.

2. Do not leave the house without makeup. You will look and feel better with simple makeup will brighten up your face especially when you are already above 25.

3. Ensure you apply that deodarant (non-scented) if you sweat easily if not mask with body spray or perfume.

4. Shaved ladies! Your armpits, legs if you want to show them and also the ?forbidden? region!

5. File your nails and lighten up with nail polish!

Brides’ Acne Scarring

scared face

Scared face ? What happened?
For the soon-to-be brides…
A couple of acne popped up a month before the wedding day?
What if there are acne scarrings?
Would you like to lighten your acne scars on your wedding day?

Some of the common causes of acne are due to stress… especially over the wedding preparations, your late night sleep… over all the excitement for your wedding day and… your diet because of the food tasting…What exactly happened?

During the formation of an acne cyst (the huge red ones are also known as the inflamed comedone), the neck of the sebaceous gland expands and it being filled up by cells and bacteria which are unable to pass through the skin?s surface. Eventually when the cyst ruptures, these bacteria will be deposited into the pore, reaching the dermis layers where they will be attacked by white blood cells responsible for fighting infection. This inflammation results in the loss of tissue as the collagen which forms the support structure of the skin is destroyed. And this is when scarring occur, resulting in pockmark face (like those scars left behind from chicken pox).

Solutions to scars?
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Open Pore-ing Question

open pore

Pore-ing questions

Facial Client: My pores are so big! Can you help me to close my pores?

Pore-ing Questions and Answers
– These are some of the common questions that my facial clients ask me and I guess it?s your burning questions too.

How are open pores formed?
Open pores are caused by the built up of rapid cells renewal, excess sebum production and they are clogged up in the pore, therefore enlarging the diameter of the pore. Sun damage and aging can also cause the epidermis to thicken, making it more likely that a rim of cells will collect around the individual pores.

1) Will the toner ?close? up my pores?
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