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Brides’ Acne Scarring

scared face

Scared face ? What happened?
For the soon-to-be brides…
A couple of acne popped up a month before the wedding day?
What if there are acne scarrings?
Would you like to lighten your acne scars on your wedding day?

Some of the common causes of acne are due to stress… especially over the wedding preparations, your late night sleep… over all the excitement for your wedding day and… your diet because of the food tasting…What exactly happened?

During the formation of an acne cyst (the huge red ones are also known as the inflamed comedone), the neck of the sebaceous gland expands and it being filled up by cells and bacteria which are unable to pass through the skin?s surface. Eventually when the cyst ruptures, these bacteria will be deposited into the pore, reaching the dermis layers where they will be attacked by white blood cells responsible for fighting infection. This inflammation results in the loss of tissue as the collagen which forms the support structure of the skin is destroyed. And this is when scarring occur, resulting in pockmark face (like those scars left behind from chicken pox).

Solutions to scars?

Plenty. However it requires some investments. Beauty salons and dermatologists offer a wide range of treatments. To name a few ? Ultrasound (which is safe and effective), Light heat energy (LHE), Intense-Pulse Light (IPL), Chemical peels etc. Please read up on this before visiting the professionals so that they will not be selling you short-term solutions base on your sense of urgency. Do not expect an overnight miracle, because these ?miracles? might do more harm to your skin in the long-run. Be patient and give yourself some time for the treatments to work for you. And your scared face will be gone.

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5 Responses to “Brides’ Acne Scarring”

  1. 1
    Elena Ren Says:

    I am a twelve year old girl. I get acne mostly on my forehead (mainly between my eyebrows), near my nose and on my chin. My nose is really oily too, i dont know why! I have used nutregena oil-free acne wash, nutregena rapid clear, and clearasil daily face wash, but all of them either did nothing, or made my acne worse, or dried out my skin! Right now all i am doing is washing my face with plain soap daily. It helps somewhat. My mom wotn let me use any zit cream or anything, only face washes, because she says the other stuff will dry out my skin. What is some things i can do to get rid of my oily skin and acne without drying out my skin?. Nothign too expensive, i cant afford proactive or any of that stuff. preferably natural.

  2. 2
    Gwen Goh Says:

    Hi Elena, you are going through puberty so having oily skin is a normal condition and would be on-going for a few years. It’s important to keep your skin clean by washing it with a gentle gel cleanser when you get up of bed and before you sleep. Do not overwash, then your skin will become dry. Keep your hair away from your face. Zit creams are to be applied on only on pimples. Leave the huge acne alone and not squeeze them. Keep your skin cool and clean. These are the affordable and simply ways that I can teach you.

  3. 3
    William@acne Says:

    You can prevent much acne by splashing some cold water in your face after showering.

  4. 4
    Monica@Flora Says:

    Another way to reduce acne would be to buy facial cleansing powder, the dry up the skin as well as any acne in the face. Limit the amount of times you use water on your face and make sure you use a dermatologically tested soap. I hope this helps.

  5. 5
    Carla@get rid of pimples Says:

    “You can prevent much acne by splashing some cold water in your face after showering.”

    Is this even real? Maybe I’ll try that out .. I don’t know about scars, but there are a lot of acne treatments available.

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