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Archive for July, 2007

Danforth Diamond – Your Engagement Ring Experts

Danforth Diamond wedding ring

Engagement rings are one of the must-have items for your wedding. Without the rings, there won’t be any wedding.

Can you imagine a wedding ceremony without wedding rings?

This only shows the utmost importance of wedding rings and you must only get your wedding rings from reliable and trustworthy sources.

In Singapore, some may prefer to get from the local jewelry shops. However, I realise that with internet payment getting more hassle-free, more brides are getting their precious diamond rings from the the internet.

So how do you go about choosing the right online vendor?

There are so many online wedding rings vendors and how do you go about choosing one that provides real customer service though they may be thousands of miles from where you are staying.

I found a really interesting website named “Danforth Diamond“.

I love their mission statements which include educating the customers that diamonds are more than just stones.

I remember the first time I visited this jewelry shop with my wife. This salesman just took out the rings for us to see and really wanted to sell us the more expensive ones.

The next stop we made gave us a completely different experience. The salesman was more patient and was willing to understand our needs and budget.

Then, he only took out those wedding rings that he thought suit our needs. Again, he didn’t just say “buy” but he educated us on how to go about purchasing diamond rings and what to look out for before paying.

I’m really impressed by this salesman and guess who did I buy from eventually.
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The Only 7 Tips You Ever Need to Survive Marriage After Wedding

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wedding dance

Many people thought that after wedding, everything will go smoothly as long as they abide by the rules of the marriage game. Thye may think that it is like gliding along the dance floor, so graceful and smooth.

How many of us can recite the wedding vows again right now?

This makes my point that most of us, who are married, don’t really know the rules even we thought we knew.

It is just like going into the field to play soccer but not knowing the rules such as where to stand, where there will be penalty and so on.

Here are the only 7 tips you ever need to make your marriage works and I promise you these are all you ever need.

Principle 1: Enhance Your Love Maps

Being married means commited to supporting each other. In addition, it means helping each other to grow, supporting each other’s dreams and flourishing the relationship beyond where it is today.

My wife wants to be in the design field and I support her with all my heart. In addition, I told her I will provide her all my resources and knowledge and I consistently remind to do whatever it takes to pursue her dream.

I don’t say “no” but she had to stay at home to look after the kids.

Making the relationship flourish means consciously adding little sparks of surprises now and then. My wife gets a bouquet of flower once every month or two months.

In alternate years, both of us plan to join some courses each of us like. This year, we have joined the pilate class and I’m the only guy in class sometimes.

Yes, it does make me feel uncomforatble. However, it is my committment to our love map to make our love grow. Next year, it will be my turn to choose.

Action to TAKE NOW! Draw a routine of both you and your spouse can do on this weekend. It will be a good way to start.

Principle 2: Nurture Your Fondness and Admiration

Do you know that we have this “Remind Your Strengths” session every now and then?

It is to reinforce our beliefs on each other. My wife has always selflessly reminded me of how good I am when I was down.

I always make it a point to remind my wife that she has already done her best whenever she felt she has not. I fully believe she has and I tell her in full confidence that she is always working and doing her best.

This makes us feel good.

Imagine someone coming up to you to praise you that you are good-looking and smart. Won’t you feel being on cloud nine?
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wedding favor

wedding favor

These photos of wedding favors are brought to you from my friend who owns Simple Arts Planet. Please visit her website to see many more of her designs. >.<

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