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7 Committments For Your Wedding

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1. Housing

When two consenting couples decide to leave everyone in their respective family behind to live together as husband and wife for the rest of their lives, the next important thing to ask is: Where are you going to live? Tantamount to a love nest is the shelter where lovers will build a home and someday raise their own children and call themselves a family. It is therefore very important that before plunging into a very serious commitment such as marriage, the marrying couple should very well consider housing in their list of top priorities.

2. Finance

When we speak of finance in married life we would like to think of a car and the gasoline. A car will not move any farther when it runs out of gasoline, right? This, comparably speaking, is also a truism in the case of marriage.

Undoubtedly, without the finances everything will break down and the relationship will not be able to move on. Financial security is a vital factor in making a marriage work. It is a sacred duty for the husband and wife to fend for themselves and their children. In an ideal situation, a man who takes a woman in marriage should first of all be financially stable. This means that the husband will be able to put his family in a decent home and provide them with the things they need everyday.


3. Family insurance

In all probability, fear is the biggest factor which predisposes someone to get an insurance plan. Majority of the people who avail of insurance programs, in whatever category, have already considered the risks they want to be protected from. These risks may be brought about by some accidents or some natural circumstances and may occur at any unexpected time.

4. Medical

Health is wealth so goes the saying. You and I have probably heard about this a hundred times already. Surely people before us would have come across this a hundred times over and who knows it will still be a great advice for the generations to come. Most of the time, we tend to overlook symptoms of illness that may lead to a serious case.

5. Food

One of the commitments that is very vital in marriage is providing food on the table everyday. A married couple has to face this challenge daily. Food is very essential to keep people alive. This is the reason why this commitment tops the list of obligations for married couples. But what kind of food should be on the table?

People should be responsible on what they should be eating. We see a lot of instant food being advertised on TV, on radio and on every newspaper and magazine in town. Instant food was discovered because we are in this time and age where people are always on the go.


6. Clothing

This is another commitment in marriage and this time you have a duty to provide decent clothing to your family. Why is clothing important at all? Clothing is a necessity because it gives warmth to the body. It gives protection to our body against the harmful heat of the sun and the harsh effect of changes in our climate. Aside from this, choosing the right clothing can add dignity to a man?s character and it may enhance his personality too. There are many types of clothing that you must provide for yourself and your family.

7. Children

??Go therefore and multiply,? is a verse from the bible where God commands man to propagate himself. Without being too religious or philosophical, we know that man is purposely endowed with the ability to procreate. In marriage the commitment to have children and bring children to the family is as sacred as the union itself.

A family without children is not complete. That is why there are childless couples who adopt children so that they may complete the family and may experience parenthood too. For some medical reasons there are couples who may not be able to have children. But there are a few who chooses not to have them for personal reasons.

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