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5 Ways To Better Understand Your Fianc?

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i. Values

Before a relationship between a man and a woman becomes too serious as to consider marriage they should first of all know what values they would want to bring to the marriage. Values are formed during a person?s childhood. This stage in one?s life is what we call the formative years. A child is able to learn and absorb the good and the bad things in his environment, starting from the home.

ii. Beliefs

Different people may have different creed. This simply means that various peoples have different beliefs in life. Take for instance some Buddhists believe that when people die some of them are reborn into this life as cockroaches. Maybe some people would perceive this belief to be ludicrous. If we look around we may also encounter those who believe that planets rule their lives. This is why reading the daily horoscope is very popular among them. Still there are others who are very much inclined to believe in superstitions.

iii. Habits

Each individual has his own peculiar habit. Unknowingly, or it may even be knowingly, we have a tendency to do the same thing over and over again. For example a person who does not have a good time management may probably have, without knowing it, already taken the habit of being late in his appointments. Habits are most of the time psychological in nature. A toddler who did not outgrow breastfeeding has a tendency to suck his thumb.


iv. Like

Science taught us that unlike poles attract each other, while like poles dispel each other. Sometimes this statement may likewise hold true for two people in a relationship. But in most cases the reverse of that statement is what reality becomes. When a man courts a girl he would take time first to find out what are the things that she likes. After they discover that they have a lot of things in common they will then have a good reason to get into a relationship. This is what we call compatibility in a marriage relationship.

v. Dislike

Telling somebody what you like would seem easier than saying what you dislike. For some people it would be enough to just let them know what you like and leave others to guess what dislikes you. Oftentimes we think that the opposite of what we like is what we dislike. For instance when you say that you like the color white would that mean that you dislike black? Of course you will say not necessarily. May be what you want to say is you like the color white more than the color black. And in fact you have no problem with the color black. It simply means that white is more likeable.

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