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Tips for Dressing the Flower Girl


from one_love_photo

Most weddings have a flower girl, but in the hustle and bustle, it can be hard to remember that you need to plan what she’ll wear and what she’ll do. If you’re a bride, the choice of a flower girl can be difficult. After all, you may have many little girls in your family who would like to be involved in the wedding. Once you know who will be your flower girl, you’ll need to decide what she’s going to wear.

One thing that many people forget when dressing the flower girl is that she’s not a little doll or wedding accessory. Brides and mothers of the flower girl can both fall into the trap of trying to make their little darling look perfect, but not taking her comfort or interests into account. The result is an uncomfortable, unhappy little girl. So, when you’re figuring out what she’ll wear, remember to think about what it was like when you were little. Consider asking her opinion on dresses and styles – she probably has some preferences.
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Preserving Your Wedding Bouquet

from may_queen

Walking down the aisle, dressed in a gorgeous wedding gown, with a beautiful bouquet in hand is every woman’s most precious dream. If this dream is going to come true for you in the near future… congratulations! It will be a day to celebrate as well as a day to remember forever. You’ll want to do everything you can to help keep those precious memories alive. One thing you can do is preserve your wedding bouquet.
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Inexpensive and Beautiful Wedding Centerpieces


from smcgee

A very expensive wedding “must have” is gorgeous wedding centerpieces to set off your reception tables. When you order them from the local florist, you are paying high prices for quality flowers, shipping, special order fees and the floral designer’s talent and time.

With a little creativity and thought, you can make your own centerpieces that will not only radiate a special ambiance for your guests, but will make you proud of your own ingenuity.
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27 Best Wedding Flowers for Your Wedding Bouquets

Wedding Flowers
photo from kin_ryuu

Your big day is coming up. Your wedding! You?ve been dreaming about this day since you were a little girl. Everything?s beginning to fall into place now. You?ve set the date. You?ve got the venue arranged. You have your guest list organized, and invitations are on their way out to everyone. You?ve even picked out your dress, and your bridesmaid?s dresses. Everything is coming together, and all you want is for all your plans to come together perfectly, making your wedding day as special as you?ve dreamed.

But just as you start to think that everything is prepared, you remember all kinds of other little things that you have completely forgotten to think about. What about the cake? The transport? The flowers? Don?t worry! The worst thing you can do as a bride-to-be is stress too much over the small things. Everything will come together perfectly, and everything will be just as you dreamed.
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