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Preserving Your Wedding Bouquet

from may_queen

Walking down the aisle, dressed in a gorgeous wedding gown, with a beautiful bouquet in hand is every woman’s most precious dream. If this dream is going to come true for you in the near future… congratulations! It will be a day to celebrate as well as a day to remember forever. You’ll want to do everything you can to help keep those precious memories alive. One thing you can do is preserve your wedding bouquet.

There are different styles and methods to preserve your wedding bouquet. One idea is to make your bouquet a part of your home decor. If this is what you have in mind, do the best that you can not to smash or flatten this bunch of lovely flowers. If you have to assign someone just to take care of the bouquet during the entire hullabaloo of the reception then do so. As soon as you have the time, place the bouquet in your favorite vase (probably one you got as a wedding gift) and just let it be. No need to remove anything from it or change it. The less you toy with it the better it will hold for a longer time. You will see more of its beauty as it begins to dry up evenly. Once it’s dry, you can keep the dust off with a blow dryer on a low heat setting.

At home, you can also choose to have your own dried flower bouquet. It is much like the method mentioned above, only that you need to do some special arranging. To allow each part of the bouquet to dry properly, you take it apart and give each flower some time to dry up. To facilitate the drying process, the microwave can be used. Place some flowers in between some paper towels and heat them up for at least one to two minutes. Be careful not to overheat them though or dry them too much as they may become brittle too early. Afterwards, you can create a more personalized and unique arrangement by rearranging the bouquet.

If you think that these home preservation techniques are not something you can skillfully do, then a professional preservationist can do the job well. One good example can be found at https://suspendedintime.com/wedding_bouquet_preservation.php. If you use a service such as this, meet with them ahead of time to let them know what you want. Go over the specific details about preserving and transporting your wedding bouquet with them. Professionals use freeze drying or a flower press method and the results are quite lovely.

Freeze drying is a great alternative as it allows the flowers to retain their realistic appearance. Each of the part of the bouquet is pulled out and freeze-dried. In this case, you can request to have the flower bouquet rearranged like it was or in a totally different way. Since this is a tedious process, freeze drying can take about three to four weeks to finish.

Preserving your wedding bouquet is a beautiful way to remember your special day. There are several ways to go about this, but any way you choose can help you remember your wedding for years to come.

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