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Wedding professionals create a wonderful atmosphere and provide helpful services. However, they can come at a high cost. Check out these ways to save on your musicians, photographer and other vendors.

Hire a high-quality vendor: This may seem counterintuitive, but its important to splurge on a professional that can get the job done right. You’ll spend more in the long run if your amateur photographer or band flakes out on you and youre forced to hire someone else at the last minute.

Consider everything optional: Do you really need a videographer? Crazy DJ lights? Think about details that can be cut to save money.

Limit live music: If you’re hiring musicians, you can save money by limiting the amount of time they are required to perform. Use them for your cocktail hour and first dance, then supply your own music with an iPod or a CD.

Go for a package deal: Many photographers will throw in free albums, engagement sessions, or proof books if you buy a complete package.

Hire a music student: Consider hiring a budding musician. They can offer quality talent at a fraction of the cost.

Ask for a smaller package: Some vendors have a cheaper package that they don’t normally publish. You may find that it’s all you need.

Negotiate with vendors: Your vendor may be willing to offer you a better deal to beat out competitors.

DJ instead of live band: You can save money by choosing a DJ over a live band.

Limit your videographer’s time: Ask your videographer if you can save money by only videotaping parts of the wedding, like the ceremony and first dance. That way, they don’t have to be there for more hours than necessary.

Ask for services as a wedding present: If you know someone who works as a professional musician, photographer or other wedding vendor, ask them for their services as a wedding present. They’ll save money on buying you a gift, and you won’t have to pay someone to provide the service.

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