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“Beauty Tips for Brides & Bridesmaids”

5th article: Posted on 01/05/07:

Besides your makeup kit, remember to pack some skincare products in that bag.

Essentials in a pack:

– Moisture mist. A skin thirst quencher. The weather in Singapore can get really nasty especially when you are in the sun all day and the heat dries up your skin. If it feels dry, hold the bottle about 10-15cm away and spritz it on your face (just once would do because too much will tarnish the makeup). Use a tissue and pat dry if you have overdone it.

– Oil blotters. For skin that produces sebum very quickly. Pat it rather than rub it onto your skin helps to reduce friction. Preferbably use it when you do not have any makeup on.

– Tissue. You can use tissue and pat your skin if there’s shine caused by your sebum. And use 2 way cake for touch up if you already have makeup on.

– Lip balm. For very dry lips you can use Vaseline (petrolum). I do not encourage you use it everyday though because your lips will be over dependent on external products to moisturize it. A quick prep would be to use lip balm that nowadays comes in a stick form.

– Toner. Acts as a cleaning agent I will use that to prep skin if I find it oily(depending on the ingredients in the toner, some can be used to moisturize skin).

4th article: Posted on 07/12/06:

Items to put in a bridemaid’s or bride’s bag:

If go for a makeup/makeover carry with you a lipstick for touchup.

2-way cake (acts as foundation + powder) that suits your skin colour.

If you can be a crying bride and in any case smudged the mascara, bring along tissue, cotton bud + a mini bottle of cleanser. However, for bridal makeup the artist would usually use waterproof eye makeup.

Blotting paper if necessary.

And eyeliner.

In case of emergency,

Clear excess oil on face with blotting paper Then apply 2 way cake.

Dab cotton bud with cleanser and carefully wipe away mascara that is smudged onto the skin. clean off. And apply 2 way cake.

If the false lashes falls off, you can peel it off and apply eyeliner. Or ask an expert to reapply with eyelash glue.

3rd article: Posted on 04/12/06:

Choosing a “good” makeup artist:

Someone who understands your style/ character to cater a look for you. However note that usually brides’ makeup (in white gown) is rather angelic. Unless you ask for something different.

Arrange for someone who is reliable (say is he/ she does freelance) because you do not want him/her to be late for makeup on your wedding day!

Usually wedding studio has packages that comes with makeup. You can do a trial with them and see if you like it. For freelance artist there might be a nominal charge, however it still comes up to abt the same price as the studio makeup artist. Give yourself more options…


2nd article: Posted on 01/12/06:

As the host or jie mei of the wedding, it is polite to put on makeup for that day/evening. And you would want to look good in the photos. Just check out the before and after photo that I took for my friend who is the host of a wedding.

Choose a makeup artist preferbably a few weeks beforehand.

If you are doing it in a group, you can negotiate for a different price.

The time you are attending the function. Sometimes you want to keep the makeup from day to night. The intensity of the makeup would be different.

Let the artist know the kind of look you might want to have. For first timers you might not want to be overwhelmed by too much makeup.


1st article: Posted on 20/9/06:
What you should know about taking care of your face

1) No face scrubbing everyday! Your skin takes time to renew itself.

2) Face toners are to remove dead skin after cleansing.

3) Go for a facial massage good for lifting sagging skin.


-This page is contributed by Shuling.

*Disclaimer: The views/ suggestions of author of individual post are expressly his or hers and do not necessary represent the views of this owner of this blog. Views of individual posts by all guest bloggers are gained from personal experience. Always remember to use product that is most suited for yourself and your skin care needs. If you are unsure, please consult your dermatologist or any other professional.

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