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Wedding Responsibilities Of The Mother Of The Bride

Mother Of The Bride
from angelav

When the wedding plans heat up and start becoming the only topic in the bride’s home, it would be easy for you, as the bride’s mother, to begin to take over the arrangements and bring some sanity to the excitement.

Your actual responsibilities are to see that the wedding is a total reflection of what your daughter wants for her wedding day. That includes keeping her tastes in colors, flowers, food, music, her choice of wedding dress and the very tone of the ceremony and reception foremost in your mind. While it would be easy to try to shift some of the arrangements to be more like your wedding, you have to remember that this wedding is hers.

To start with, there are five primary responsibilities for you to tend to as the Mother of the Bride:

* Helping your daughter decide on her wedding dress is a major task that will, more than likely, require both of you. If your daughter falls in love with a certain gown and it is not to your taste, it would be best to support her decision, unless it makes her look like the Bride of Dracula. If so, you are on your own.
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Growing Together After Your Wedding

flower power
from suplada

As we approached the mid year, I began to reflect back how fast our time passes by.

It has been more than 2 years since we got married.

To me, it was as if it just happened yesterday.

How memorable!

At this moment in time, I am thinking back of the many ups and downs we as a married couple go through.

Definitely, there are times of sadness and tears and I will be lying if I tell you there isn’t.
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Wedding Planning Advice On How To Be Stress Free

stress free wedding
from katielee

Managing a relationship is never easy…

It is even harder to manage your relationship plus your wedding…at the same time.

I was recalling the insanity I had gone through while planning my wedding. It was a nightmare.

Yes, a nightmare indeed…

Of course, I looked forward to walking the down with my fiancee (now my wife)

What had been nightmarish the experience I had with my mother-in-law.
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Wedding Biggest Headache! 6 Stress Free Tips For Your New House!

moving house
photo from bombadil

Do you think what is the biggest headache you can get from your wedding?

Yes! Your new house!

Initially you are very excited about moving into your new house with your newly bought rugs But you never realise the torrents of problems that are crushing you, in addition to the many other problems from planning your wedding alone.

Back to the house, there are many problems from moving the house and the furniture, cleaning the new house, getting new furniture, arranging the new furniture and preparing your new house for your wedding day.

In this post, I reveal 6 stress free tips to keep your sanity and still remain a happy bride.
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101 Ways To Have A Stress Free Wedding

beautiful bride
photo from KDC43

Inevitably, wedding stress will come to you no matter how well-prepared you are.

There will be little amount of stress initially. With a bit of stress is healthy, in a way you can be on your toes, making sure everything is well prepared. It only means that the wedding meant alot to you and you are committed to see it work, no matter what.

As your wedding day draw nears, more and more things come to mind and you may end up tired and stressed out. There will be at times you feel pulled in four corners.

You soon realised that you can’t breathe.

So, knowing the wedding stress is there, how can you reduce and manage your wedding stress.

If you are the bride:
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