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101 Ways To Have A Stress Free Wedding

beautiful bride
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Inevitably, wedding stress will come to you no matter how well-prepared you are.

There will be little amount of stress initially. With a bit of stress is healthy, in a way you can be on your toes, making sure everything is well prepared. It only means that the wedding meant alot to you and you are committed to see it work, no matter what.

As your wedding day draw nears, more and more things come to mind and you may end up tired and stressed out. There will be at times you feel pulled in four corners.

You soon realised that you can’t breathe.

So, knowing the wedding stress is there, how can you reduce and manage your wedding stress.

If you are the bride:

If you are an introvert (no need to spend money):

  • 1. Read your favourtie book
  • 2. Find your own private space and do nothing at all
  • 3. Take a relaxing walk in a nearby park
  • 4. Order a cup of cheap cappucino, sit in cafeteria and daze
  • 5. Watch TV
  • 6. Find a trusted friend and share with her your worries
  • 7. Listen to music
  • 8. Massage your temples
  • 9. Exercise
  • 10. Take a nap

If you are an introvert (need to spend money):

  • 11. Go for spa
  • 12. Book a hotel room and enjoy the hotel facilities for a day, alone
  • 13. Join a yoga class
  • 14. Go for aroma therapy
  • 15. Paint with water colours
  • 16. Buy a diary and record your feelings and thoughts
  • 17. Watch a funny movie
  • 18. Go for knitting classes
  • 19. Make your favourite meal for dinner
  • 20. Go dancing

beautiful bride
photo from jakig

If you are an extrovert (no need to spend money):

  • 21. Meet up with a group of friends for dinner and joke over dinner
  • 22. Go talk to strangers in a pub
  • 23. Call your college friends to go partying
  • 24. Go shopping with your husband’s credit card
  • 25. Eat lunch and it is your friend’s treat
  • 26. Gossip into the night
  • 27. Call all your bridesmaids and thank them for helping
  • 28. Make a dinner with any food found in your fridge and surprise your family
  • 29. Drive around the country side
  • 30. Joking at non-serious times

If you are an extrovert (need to spend money):

  • 31. Take up salsa dancing
  • 32. Join Taichi
  • 33. Take a break and go on a tour
  • 34. Dine at a high class restaurant with your bride
  • 35. Go for a picnic with the whole family
  • 36. Go skiing
  • 37. Go for karaoke singing sessions with buddies
  • 38. Go parachuting
  • 39. Go on a shopping spree like there is no tomorrow
  • 40. Go sky diving

10 other crazy ways to destress:

  • 41. Smell the roses
  • 42. Help others cope with their problems
  • 43. Laugh a little
  • 44. Smile more
  • 45. Use heavy breathing
  • 46. Blog and share your feelings with the world
  • 47. Share with your mother
  • 48. Seek help from a professional helper e.g.counselor
  • 49. Snuggle with your kitty
  • 50. Sip a nice red wine as it helps you unwind

beautiful bride
photo from ggibb

If you are the groom:

If you are an introvert (no need to spend money):

  • 51. Meditate
  • 52. Go to the library and read a book
  • 53. Tend to your garden
  • 54. Talk to a buddy
  • 55. Find five minutes of quiet time
  • 56. Visualise yourself in your favourite serene location
  • 57. Go for a hot bath to relax
  • 58. Walk home rather than taking a bus
  • 59. Make sure you wear comforable clothes
  • 60. Tell your wife-to-be you are stressed up

If you are an introvert (need to spend money):

  • 61. Go for an afternoon tea
  • 62. Have sex with your wife-to-be
  • 63. Massage your bride and have her return the favor
  • 64. Buy a massage chair
  • 65. Go for foot reflexology
  • 66. Go for a mini-vacation
  • 67. Buy a bouquet of flower for your bride and tell her how much you love her
  • 68. Go for a facial at a salon
  • 69. Walk in the woods and hire a guide
  • 70. Go for a concert

beautiful bride
photo from true_queenie

If you are an extrovert (no need to spend money):

  • 71. Hang out with friends
  • 72. Volunteer in churches
  • 73. Visit your friends more often
  • 74. Talk randomly to strangers anywhere, anytime
  • 75. Call up all your guests and say “hi”
  • 76. Turn off all your electronic gadgets such as PDAs, handphones
  • 77. Find a pool and go swimming
  • 78. Work out in your gym
  • 79. Chill out at your buddies’ house
  • 80. Watch a game of soccer with pals

If you are an extrovert (need to spend money):

  • 81. Join a hobby club which you enjoy
  • 82. Take up a new hobby such as wine-tasting
  • 83. Join a support group
  • 84. Make a list of all the things you need to do so that you can check them off as you complete them
  • 85. Join a fitness club to work out
  • 86. Organise a home-party and get all your friends to come
  • 87. Watch live soccer match at the stadium
  • 88. Join a cooking class
  • 89. Join kick-boxing
  • 90. Watch a wrestling match

11 other crazy ways to destress:

  • 91. Continue to play your computer games
  • 92. Continue to meet with your female friends, in groups
  • 93. Cross stitch
  • 94. Curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book
  • 95. Write a letter of your problems and burn it
  • 96. Walk in the woods
  • 97. Light a candle and indulge in a warm bath
  • 98. Write a short story
  • 99. Call your parents
  • 100.Spend the day in pajamas
  • 101. Spend the whole day fishing

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11 Responses to “101 Ways To Have A Stress Free Wedding”

  1. 1
    salt lake city doctors Says:

    So you mean getting married is stressful. LOL

  2. 2
    Taylor@Wine Barrels Says:

    Anything you can do to take your mind off of everything that goes into planning a wedding and instead, relax and enjoy things you like to do will help relieve some stress. Very good list here.

  3. 3
    Sam Says:

    29. Drive around the country side

    Once I was driving to nowhere, no direction and no reason. I was wondering why I did this. Now I know why…. Hahahaha~

  4. 4
    Bob Says:

    Nice list!
    Getting married can be very stressful. People need to step back and try some of the things you mentioned to make it a much better experience!

  5. 5
    Jenny@cheap ugg boots Says:

    thanks for the helping tips…

  6. 6
    steve@ugg boots on sale Says:

    Pretty helping tips…thanks for sharing

  7. 7
    Music Says:

    very good tips. also calm music helped me stay stress free

  8. 8
    Chris@absolutemartialarts Says:

    Hi Jhong,

    After reading your blog I am now having a second thought of getting married, hahaha… just kidding. My friend also said it’s really stressful but it’s worth it. By the way, can you recommend places for honeymoon?


  9. 9
    nicholas@st louis mixed martial arts Says:

    I would take note of all the tips here and definitely going to share to all my pals. Stress-free wedding huh!It’s much much interesting if it’s stress-free marriage.=P

  10. 10
    japh@learn hypnosis Says:

    Wew. Huge list. This could be an indication that getting married would never be stress free. Thanks for sharing.

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