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A Wedding Story

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Let me share with you a story.

“There is this guy who planned to have his wedding soon. But it is going to be a surprise for his girlfriend.

He has a job which offers not much for saving up. And he knows that if it carries on to be like this, his savings won’t be enough for his wedding.

It was not easy to save up for his wedding as you know, wedding is expensive. But this guy does not give up easily.

He plans his wedding at this date in his life time, so he makes it a point he will make sure it comes true.

He works very hard for 2 years, working in the morning in his full time job and having part-time which starts right after his work and it normally ends off at 11pm.

It was not easy and this tiredness and exhaustion carry on for 18 months.

It was not easy but the guy is committed to himself and his life and he has only a dream which is to have his wedding day as planned.”

Finally did the guy has his wedding? We shall find out.

In my wedding, it is not easy to sustain one. There is so many roles and responsibilities I feel a husband can hold, beside bringing bread and butter home to feed the family.

I have been married for a year plus and I feel that as long as I’m alive, I want to do more for my wife.

I want to be her support. Support can mean different things to different people.

For me, I feel it is unrelenetless support for my wife.

I know you can’t control your role but you know you can do your best to provide whatever support you think is important for your wife.

I have been giving some marketing consultation to small business ever since I started to have my online business. It is fun to share my knowledge.

How does this apply to my wife?

She is a teacher and one thing we learnt in running a successful business is building long term relationship with your customers.

So how can my wife apply this?

I encourage her to collect email addresses from the students’ parents and send them an email once in a month to upddate them about the happenings in thier children’s class.

I know it takes more time and work from her but it will sure pay off when “Meet The Parents’ session” is here.

As teacher, the best tool to help the students to be better is the trust between the teacher and the parents.

So now, my wife can cope with her work better as she is getting more trust from the parents.

How can you apply this similar method in youor marriage life?

Ask yourself what skill that you know can benefit your spouse.

I know it is not easy to do that.

But when you start off each day thinking of how you can make your wife’s work life better, it will bring both of you closer to each other.

On this Thursday, I shall share how else I have played my role as a husband.

Share with us your thoughts. We would love to hear from you.

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